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Name: bluesboy
Subject: RE: RE: What if (SSC)
Date: Sunday, February 11, 2018
Time: 6:48:27 AM
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RE: RE: What if (SSC)

It could have been interesting. There's no telling who would've ended up in what band, how many bands would've popped up, how good these bands would've been, and how long they would have lasted. I saw a guy named Terry Reid open up for Chuck Berry, who opened for the Stones next in 1969. I read that Jimmy Page offered the job of singer in the New Yardbirds to Terry Reid, who sounded a lot like Robert Plant. But he also was a good guitar player, so he wanted to play guitar,and Page told him no, get out. Terry Reid's career was over by the time he was 22. That's sad, I think, because he was good. I was so impressed by him at the Stones show that I bought his lp. It was really good, but he seemed to get lost in the shuffle. No promotion or anything. I heard one song by him on the radio one time, and he was gone after that.

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