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Name: Kiwi Jim
Subject: What if (SSC)
Date: Sunday, February 11, 2018
Time: 1:35:41 AM
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What if (SSC)

So now my libraries closed I'm going back to reading some Bio's I own. I'm currently reading "Ronnie" and I'm struggling with the bit where apparently Peter Grant, while already managing Ron, said to him that a bunch of blokes to be known as the New Yardbirds wanted him to be their guitarist.

I thought Jimmy Page was the catalyst for the whole New Yardbirds/Led Zep phenomenon, and added to that in “Ronnie” he states in the same para that John Bonham was rude to him & didn’t seem to know really Robert Plant either!?

But for arguments sake say he was offered, and accepted the job, what would have happened?

I would pick that John Paul Jones would have been technically so superior in that lineup (JPJ, Plant, Bonham & Wood) that it would be short lived & he'd move onto other things & the others to have to move on somewhere.

While I'm not Woody bashing, and I think he was great in the Faces, he just isn't in the virtuoso class that band would have needed to take off, & what would have happened come 1974?

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