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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: ER/OOOH/B&L/Songs about Criminals/more!
Date: Monday, January 08, 2018
Time: 11:25:21 AM
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RE: ER/OOOH/B&L/Songs about Criminals/more!

Thanks for your support (for those who got here late, lucky for you that you didn't have to read that crap, but "Mr Terkel" is the latest spam name SK has come up with). . He's trying to get Gasland closed down, something that 99.9% of all lurkers and Gassers never want to see, so if anybody wants to join me in going after him, feel free to write me an email. But no, I'm not asking for any financial support, I just would love any more vocal support in the lawsuit that I can get when said lawsuit is filed against him. A few have already promised to do so, without my asking. But now, yes, I'm asking all who care about this place, if they would like to help out in supporting me and Gasland by writing a letter of support for me and just saying that they too witness his harrissing posts, that would be great, and all that I need. And thanks again to all who support me, and everybody else here who he has gone after, even if you don't join me in the suite against him.

I mean, he just spammed Manny's post, the board's most loved poster, so that's a first. Manny, nor anybody else here has ever done anything to this nut case. I guess that he feels if he goes after everybody, people will stop posting. So please everybody, don't stop posting, instead, keep posting and let's just all work against this madman who clearly hates all of us.

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