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Name: Edited by Keno
Subject: RE: ER/OOOH/B&L/Songs about Criminals/more!
Date: Monday, January 08, 2018
Time: 5:59:12 AM
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RE: ER/OOOH/B&L/Songs about Criminals/more!

To my friends and supporters here, this is keno speaking to you only, and not the flamer, SK. I am making this edit at 11:10 am Gasland time.

As some of you who got to read in this latest attack post by SK, who is proving to everybody who reads the board, that he really has a problem in his life and he just won't go away or stop hurting people, even after being told what he is doing is hurting others. Well now everybody who weren't around over the weekend has seen that he clearly gets off on hurting people - and for no reason at all other than to cause pain to others.

Of course I saved his latest spam that was showing in this post before totally editing it out here, and it just goes to prove my point over and over again, as now it appears that he is going after a Gasser who never even replied to his crap before. Unless the fool thinks I live near that area that he noted, but I live nowhere near there. But yes, with this spam post I will now start legal action against him, as promised. But I guess he can see that 99.9% of the Gassers can't stand him as he is finally seeing the light on all of this.

But have you ever witnessed such a fool before, who just keeps going at it after being warned to stop? Again, the more he posts, the deeper a hole he digs, and the fact he can't see that shows where his IQ must be. He just used yet another server to post with, Leaseweb USA, who of course, keeps all of their records on file, and just helps to build a case against him when it shows that he goes out of his way to try to hide his real ISP using several different servers, since he knows what he is doing is breaking the law. But no matter how hard this fool tries to cover his tracks, he doesn't understand that he can't do what he is doing forever and get away with it.

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