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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: I know this is old news but.......
Date: Wednesday, November 08, 2017
Time: 12:22:45 PM
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RE: I know this is old news but.......

It wasn't the money at all... The answer I thought was very simple, he wanted back in, but the Stones just didn't want him back. The Glimmers said he was sick just to dodge the question, but his girlfriend, Marlies Damming, made that very clear to me (without trying to make it clear to me from the way she approached me) that MT indeed wanted back in the band and wasn't sick. She is, or at least back then was, his business manager too, and there was no question he wanted back in and the Stones knew it, but didn't bite.

Then us fans get accused by said girlfriend of setting the trap and stating the lie of him being sick - when it was Keith who flat out said it! I mean, although I said very little here at the time on this (really nothing), in fact - and I do mean fact, as far as MT and Marlies went, I was the one who the finger was pointed at for that crap talk, not Keith - me! Yes, I was accused of being the one who started all of that talk, and that was the furthest from the truth! I have never in my life started anything like that here or anywhere, and never would! If there is one thing anybody who reads this place knows about me, is that isn't my style at all! I don't operate in that matter and this board has never been about that, and every lurker here knows that for a fact about Gasland! Gasx3 has been around for 19 years, and our board's long history proves that I don't spread falsehoods - ever!

I would only report and break news on the Stones if I knew it is the truth - and 100% the truth. Yes, to give an example, it is also the truth that it was here and only here, and reported by me first to the public, about Keith needing brain surgery back in '06, after he fell out of the tree (remember?), and I reported this fact directly after the Stones office had announced, just an hour earlier, that he was fine. Fact! That report was the truth. But in the case of MT, it was Keith Richards who started that crap about him being sick and I only reported what he had said to others. That was it, I didn't start anything here at all!

So Keith said what he did about MT, and all I did was repeated it here, and then I get accused by Marlies of starting the rumor, when it was clear as day I had nothing to do with starting it - as it had already been reported by at least one newspaper! That really pissed me off, and the 2 of us exchanged several emails on this over time, yet she never saw the light or understood what the truth was. She wanted me to post a retract here on it and I refused to and never did, since I never reported anything false to begin with. But afterwards, I figured she couldn't be too good a manager for MT if this was how she operated, as Gasland and myself has always been totally pro MT - to the core, and to this day we still are. But as far as Marlies Damming goes, she still owes me an apology for what she accused me of doing... even if it was just in emails and between the two of us, she was still 100% off base - and I guess that still bugs me to this day, since I'm talking about it - now 11 years later, after saying so little publicly about it here (or anywhere else) when it was an ongoing thing between the 2 of us. If I recall, I made one single note on this here a few months after she finally stopped writing me, that was it, as I wanted to forget about it. But your post today just reminded me of it.

Oh well, I'm still a MT fan regardless of her, after all, he didn't write me, but I know he was fed lies about me from her, and that sucks, since as a fan I love the guy and would never do such a thing! I don't spread rumors MT, and I never spread them about you being sick - ever!

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