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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Nov 7,1969
Date: Tuesday, November 07, 2017
Time: 10:17:52 AM
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RE: Nov 7,1969

Wow, very cool indeed, and only $7 for a ticket! Barry Fey was the man behind that Fort Collins show.

My late friend Stu, who was a Colorado native, saw the Stones in Denver back in 1965 for only $4! My first show was in '71 (or was it in '70, I keep forgetting the year it was) at MSG in NYC - and I got in for free! That was back in the day when you had to send in postcards for tickets and hope the cards you sent in were picked in the lottery they held. Mine weren't. But not too long ago I told that story here about that date and how I got in for free, and I repeat myself too often here, so I won't this time.

But gosh, it didn't cost anything for fans to see them back in the '60s, or even up to the early '80s, as my first Colorado show was in '81, in Boulder, for just $16 (yet for me and the wife that was a lot of money in those days), and even by 1996, when I had first row seats in New Mexico, one tickets cost $60, which was a lot more than the '81 show, but still nothing compared to the insane prices they charge today. It was after that when they started to really charge an arm and a leg and why I complain so much today (and just did down below in that other thread) about how they are ripping off their long time fans with unreasonable high prices - while not being able to put on half the show that they used to put on thanks to their advanced ages. Yet most of you don't seem to care. Well you can pay the high prices if you don't care, but I won't pay them anymore, since I do care. I've seen them many times and I'll just be happy with the memories I have from those past great shows, back when they were in their prime and were worth the high prices that they didn't charge in those days.

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