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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Definitely N.A. Tour 1972 (LSC)
Date: Thursday, November 09, 2017
Time: 4:04:26 AM
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RE: Definitely N.A. Tour 1972 (LSC)

Gosh, you are correct! Now I can recall that we went over this here just a few months ago, but I'm still getting it wrong (and I bet I'll get it wrong again if I have to remember it in another few months, too!). But I do that with dates all the time and not just tour dates for the Stones. When people ask me my kids ages and birthdays, I always get that wrong, too, and I only have 3 kids (not counting my grandkids, and my teen grandson, who I'm now raising alone, well I just got his birthday wrong 3 days ago, on a form I filled out for his school, and he gave me shit for that!).

My problem isn't old age (but getting older doesn't help any), or smoking too much weed, either. I am dyslexic, and that is my problem, and anybody who has that, or understand that, knows that it's a problem that there's no cure for. Let me explain it some ... and this is now totally a NSC post, so if you got better things to do or you only read posts here about the Stones, you will want to close this reply post right now....

Being dyslexic isn't just limited to seeing and reading things wrong, or seeing letters wrong or backwards, and it has nothing to do with one's intelligence (IQ), either. It's a brain disorder that has no cure and which you are born with. Some make fun of little kids that have it, like when they write letters backwards, think of the toy store Toys "R" Us, their official name and logo contains a backwards "R", yet on a keyboard you can't write the "R" backwards, so even on their own website they can't show the "R" in that way. But that comes from being dyslexic, even if that particular problem of seeing letters backwards I never had. I just read things wrong sometimes, just never backwards. But if I'm reading - say a newspaper, and the story continues on another page, it will say something like (continue on page 9), and I go to page 9, and it isn't there! So I go back to page 1 and now I see it actually reads (continues on page 6), and sure enough it's on page 6! I hate when that happens, and it happens often to me. When balancing a checkbook, I got to be real careful with the numbers I'm seeing! That's how I get around this problem myself. But remembering dates and reading things wrong is a major problem for me, and it in the distant past here at Gasland, caused problems for me, especially in the old days when I didn't read a post correctly. It actually lead to a Gasser or 2 leaving the board after getting mad at me because I read what they wrote wrong. So these days I read things here more carefully, and I don't cover this up at all, not here or anywhere anymore.

Being dyslexic a problem that actually affects 15-20% of the population, and 70-80% of people with poor reading skills, are believed to be dyslexic! That's a high number and many people don't even know they have it. I was diagnosed having it as a preteen, but my mother never told me, as she didn't want me to worry about it. But that's the worst thing to do to a person, since you got to know you have it! I only found out I had it in my late 30s, after I found out my son had it too. Well, I knew there was a problem there for myself, but didn't know what it was, not until my sister told me I had it one day, after I told her my kid had it and I was worried about him having it. So she said to me "you have and you get by, it's no big deal, don't worry about it". My answer to her was "I do?", and then it was clear as day to me that I had it. But you got to know you have it before you can properly deal with it. My mother meant well in not telling me when I was young, but it was a major mistake on her part. But we all make mistakes, even people who don't have it! But if you are dyslexic, you need to know you have it, since there isn't a cure for it and you got to live with it. But again, it has nothing to do with a low IQ, your IQ can be higher than normal and you can have it... and many important people, including past U.S. presidents, have had it.

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