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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Decent artists that need to go away...nsc
Date: Thursday, November 02, 2017
Time: 12:12:29 PM
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RE: Decent artists that need to go away...nsc

Nicely put and true. Sadly, most people are like sheep, they can - and are, lead to certain places and that is what we have today with our music when it comes to the radio. This is just one reason why the world is so messed up, since everything does add up in the end, and most people aren't just like sheep when it comes to music only, they are this way with everything in life. Of course, I didn't say "all people", as not everybody is this way, but enough are.

How else can you explain a pig like Trump getting elected president after losing the popular vote by 3 million votes? He takes office because the election was close and uses that fact to steal office, and when his people convince most people that the Electoral College is the correct way to elect our main leader, and is needed, well like sheep, most people, including many who voted against him, accept this nonsense and allow a rich con-man to lead them, even if it's clear as day that this man is crazy and mad.

It's the same deal with music on the radio. They are never gonna play the kind of music people want to hear, they are going to play the music that they want to sell you their products with. So if you don't buy into this crap, then please turn off your radio and boycott any product they try to push on you. Plus stop believing the lies they spread.

Take that asshole who owns Papa John's Pizza. He was in the news yesterday because he is now blaming lower sales to his product on NFL football, thanks to players kneeling during the anthem. So according to him, people are boycotting football now and buying less pizza when the games are playing. Now tell me, is that a total load of crap, or is it not? Few fans are boycotting football games. The real problem is that Papa John's pizza sucks and doesn't taste good, but yes, let's blame the NFL for his pizza not selling anymore. This from the same hard right wing rich piece of shit who didn't want to pay his employees a fair wage, or help pay for their health care. Maybe people are boycotting Papa John's since it's owner is a pig who hates the common man, and maybe that, and the fact that his pizza doesn't taste good, is the true reason why the asshole's sales are down today? It isn't because of some football boycott that isn't really even happening. Somebody please tell that jerk that the NFL TV ratings were all up the very week after Trump called for his stupid boycott against the NFL. A handful of Trump supporters (sheep) might be boycotting the NFL, but the numbers are very low. If you really like football, you are still watching it.

Bottom line is, we are dealing with 2 different things here, yet it's the same problem affecting all. On one side, if you got a pizza product that tastes like crap, people will get wise and buy another pizza elsewhere from another company that makes good tasting pizza. But with Classic Rock music, well, there is no such new music being recorded today (for the most part). We have only the leftovers from yesteryear - and most of these leftover are very good. But thanks to big business taking over all of the radio stations in the last 20 years, which is of course a right wing deal that they control, well there aren't any more independent radio stations around for us to turn to and play the music we really want to hear. Instead, the only option we have is to turn off the radio forever and make our own music on our own devices. With big business taking over everything small and removing it to where it's no more, this is what you get, no choice and only what big business wants to sell you. Thank the right wing for this. those of us on the left tried to stop this years ago and failed, and this is the reality of today. Right now it's classic rock on the radio that is affected. With Trump's business pigs getting their way right now and removing consumer protections from everything, it will be a lot more things in the future... like most of the food being sold in the stores will be full of poison. It's happening right now in the U.S. with Trump in charge and nobody is doing anything to stop it! Pretty soon they will be drilling for dirty oil in you backyard and you won't be able to stop them. Don't believe that? Then just keep sitting back, do nothing, and see what happens. But 100 years from now people will look back on Trump and shake their heads in disbelief and say to their common man, "What were those people thinking back in 2017?". Sheep don't think, they just follow. So please, for your kids future, don't follow corrupt leaders like Trump! We got to stop being sheep.... Now, somebody tell me that I'm wrong.

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