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Name: gomper
Subject: Decent artists that need to go away...nsc
Date: Thursday, November 02, 2017
Time: 8:08:40 AM
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Decent artists that need to go away...nsc

You can get bored of any artist. Anyone, no matter how great they are.

The whole media world in which we experience music has changed dramatically in the past couple of decades. Everything is pigeon holed into very specific genres on TV and digital radio like Sirius and similar outlets. Gone are the days of TV shows where many diverse genres of music and performance are enjoyed within the same hour on the same stage, such as with Ed Sullivan.

I do find that remaining, conventional FM radio do just play the same cycle of rock classics. Its all great music, but its all the same over and over.

A similar problem is found amongst classical music lovers. In Canada, we had CBC Radio 2 that played Classical 24/7. Then it went to 12/24, and now its about 5 hrs out of 24 hrs or something like that. Back when it was mostly classical you would have the greatest programming of all sorts of music and performers, with expert commentary all the time. But they butchered the whole thing in favour of trying to gain more listeners. Many listeners migrated to a few different commercial classical stations only to find that that they basically play a collection of "TIME/Life classics" along with movie themes over and over and over...

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