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Name: Shattered
Subject: More recognition for Darryl?
Date: Sunday, October 01, 2017
Time: 2:52:55 PM
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More recognition for Darryl?

I'm not at all suggesting the Stones make Darryl an official member. That would actually be ridiculous. The Stones are, among other things, a brand, and Darryl really wouldn't fit into that brand when he joined in '93, a brand that the Stones built. And I get it they want to keep their British heritage alive, and Darryl is American.

And what about record royalties from pre-1994 albums that Darryl had nothing to do with.

So while full-member status is a non-issue, couldn't they make him, say, an official tour member? (I was really hoping they would have done that with Mick Taylor.) Couldn't he be in some of the publicity photos? And what about some merchandizing?

I mean, he replaced Bill Wyman for crying out loud. He's been their only bassist since VL (except for some songs in the studio, especially on B2B. But that was the same with Bill). He's been the full-time bass player on all tours.

I strongly feel Darryl shouldn't be listed in an even rank as Bernard, Sasha, Matt, Tim, Carl, yes and even Chuck.

Darryl is always listed like an afterthought. But he's more than the six other side musicians. For all intents and purposes he's the --- 5th STONE!

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