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Name: Jaded Faded
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: Does Keith play on "Winter"?
Date: Monday, September 11, 2017
Time: 1:00:42 PM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: Does Keith play on "Winter"?

I bet they have enough material to do a deluxe-release of this one. I would love that. There are things going against this, however, namely: it is not a super-highly-loved album, it sounds pretty damn good already, at least to me, and at least a few of the extra tracks already ended up surfacing on Tattoo You. But still, fans* like us are ever-more-so hailing its genius and if they wanted to play up the mystery/exile/drugs/superstardom angle a little more they could probably drum up quite a bit of excitement for it. They might have to bring Mick T around again for a string of shows, however, to really get the excitement flowing and this last point probably seems less likely, at least for now. But still, I would buy a GHS with A GHS Disc 2 in a heartbeat. I'd also be curious to know more of the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes machinations. As far as whether or not Keith is on this song instrumentally OR vocally, who cares?? It is fucking brilliant and will always be.

*Some fans have been doing this for much longer than I: I think I have mentioned this here before, but major props to Keno's site for hailing this song, and album, to me way back in July 2002, when I was still doing my undergraduate degree. Without discovering GHS by way of his review I would not have developed the love I have for the Stones.

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