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Name: Fender Bender
Subject: RE: GHS/SG/B&L/The Band/J.Brown/MMT/RS
Date: Sunday, September 03, 2017
Time: 11:34:58 PM
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RE: GHS/SG/B&L/The Band/J.Brown/MMT/RS

Goats Head Soup most under-rated: Can You Hear the Music. The production on this one almost sounds like a throwback to Satanic Majesties. Stylistically different than the rest of the album, it stands out but didn't seem to get the recognition it deserved.

Some Girls over Blue and Lonesome. Comparing an album full of excellent original tunes to a brilliantly performed album of covers, the original one wins out.

Beatles: Rubber Soul, completing the transition from a teen-based pop band to a cutting edge rock band. There was no looking back after this one.

The Band, most under-rated. I think they all got their due to some extent. For me, Robbie stood out as a songwriter and Garth as the master musician. The three lead vocalist-instrumentalists all rate hightly. So I chose Rick Danko from this group since he had a unique and often unorthadox approach to bass playing that was not always recognized. He used a fretless bass to great extent, sliding from note to note in a funky yet fluent style.

"I Got You" over "I Feel Good". Hey, getting is always better than feeling!

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