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Name: It's just a shot away
Subject: RE: RE: RE: How original was Elvis?
Date: Friday, May 05, 2017
Time: 3:33:18 PM
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RE: RE: RE: How original was Elvis?

Pluto, I really liked Pat Boones signature white patent leather White shoes, NOT!! Haha.

Was Elvis original? Very much so. In many ways, you couldn't hear him sing because of the teenage girls screaming so loud just like when the Beatles toured in their early days. He was so different when it wasn't cool at all to be that different. Jailhouse rock video was so cool.

Elvis loved his food and his Prescription Drugs! He loved his "Legal" drugs so much he made a trip to the White House Blistered on his daily cocktail of "Legal" Prescription Drugs, to get his Narco badge from Nixon to help battle the scourge of illegal drugs flooding the youth much to Elvis's disdain. LOL!

Still love Suspicious Minds & Kentucky Rain, two great Elvis classics even though he never wrote a song he had one of the most beautiful voices of our time. Our family played his Christmas songs every Christmas season. Good stuff. Died at 42 from his "Legal" drugs and way too much food, straining on the porcelain king.

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