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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: How original was Elvis?
Date: Friday, May 05, 2017
Time: 10:43:24 AM
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RE: How original was Elvis?

Do we have some big Elvis fans here? He was before my time really

A good singer is never before anybody's time! My middle grandson is 20 and Elvis is his favorite singer and has been since he was a boy. I found that out about 10 years ago when I found one of my Elvis CDs in his bedroom. So age should not mean anything, you're never to old to dig certain music, but sometimes, yes, it takes maturity to appreciate some forms of music. I didn't get into classical symphonic music till I was in my late 20s.

From a cynical point of view some might say he was the product of the record companies trying to cash in big time on the success of black music by making it acceptable to white people.

I don't believe any of that. Elvis was the real thing, no question about it. He was one of a kind and although he was a white man who could sound black, that isn't why he made it, not at all. He had a singing voice like nobody else, and such a voice was going to make him a big star one way or the other, so that alone made him the giant star that he became. Sam Phillips was the lucky one, he was in the right place at the right time as far as Elvis went. But to set the story straight, it was Elvis who used his own money to record his first songs, and when Phillips heard the recordings, he knew this guy could sing and became his producer. But he didn't find Elvis, Elvis found himself.

Hell, he was from Tennessee but white!

No, he was from Tupelo, Mississippi, he moved to Memphis when he was in his teens.

He was not famous for songwriting nor being an instrumentalist.

Yes and no... yes, Elvis didn't ever write any songs, even the ones his name showed up on. None of the singers from the '50s wrote their own music, the Beatles started that in the early '60s. But, he did play guitar and piano though, so he was a musician.

When the Beatles met him John Lennon commented "It was about as interesting as meeting Engelbert Humperdinck" (a little known British crooner).

Little known? He was well known, at least in my household, as he was one of my dad's favorite singers. John said that because nothing happened at all when he and the other Fabs first met Elvis... and I'm not sure what they were expecting. But one of the Beatles noted that when they met, at first they all just sat there in near silence. Then to break the ice, Elvis finally slid behind the piano and they sang a few songs together, but that was it, nothing came from that meeting, so the Beatles found him boring, as most of their peers found Engelbert Humperdinck's music the same way, that's what Lennon meant by saying that, as Humperdinck was mainly big with the WW2 generation only.

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