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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: British Invasion
Date: Saturday, April 08, 2017
Time: 11:51:41 AM
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RE: British Invasion

For me it was the Stones, Beatles, and the Who. The Stones were my favorite overall band period - but not because of their music, if I went by music only, it would had been Beatles, Stones and maybe the Kinks over the Who. But with me, even when I a kid, I liked anything and anybody who was totally different. The Beatles may have been longhairs for that time period - hell, they started the long hair thing, but the Stones took it all a step further, not only was their hair longer, but they didn't all wear those same, silly looking matching suits like the Beatles were forced to wear. So I loved Mick, Keith and Brian more than Paul and George, but I did love John as much as the Glimmers and BJ. You could tell he was different.

It was the same deal with the Who, they were totally out of control, smashing their instruments while playing great music. The Kinks in the early to mid '60s had as many good songs as the Who had, but they never went crazy like the Who did.

Funny, today I look back and hate to watch Pete destroy his guitar, but when I was 9 thru 12 years old, I just loved that shit!

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