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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: I should have noted....
Date: Tuesday, April 04, 2017
Time: 12:18:59 PM
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RE: I should have noted....

... I did note that not all of the Stones albums can be reviewed today by fans. How that works, is once an album has 20 reviews in, no more fan reviews will be accepted, since some of the older LPs are lacking in reviews by fans and I'm pushing them instead, to get more write-ups for them. As of now, 23 albums can still be reviewd (plus any bootlegs LPs too, which have no limit set for them). So only 6 albums are now closed to any new reviews.

With that noted, 4 albums have 19 reviews sent in and only need one new review each till they too will be closed to new reviews. They are TSMR, Steel Wheels, IORR, and hard to believe that the 4th one is one of the Big 4, that being Beggars Banquet! You will also notice that 3 LPs have more than 20 reviews each - EOMS (27), LIB (22), and DW (21). They already had more than 20 reviews sent in when the limit was put in place.

What is the least review Studio LP, well, not counting Metamorphosis which has only 5 sent in, or Flowers which has 6, as far as normal, 100% true studio albums go (not counting B&L), the least reviewed is of all LPs, the Stones first release, ENHM with only 8 reviews sent in. So that's another one that I find hard to believe, you think the first LP they made would have more reviews than just that, but it doesn't!

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