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Name: Keno
Subject: Time to review new LP B&L/Forms are back up!
Date: Tuesday, April 04, 2017
Time: 11:49:40 AM
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Time to review new LP B&L/Forms are back up!

After a very long time, really a way too long time, all of our forms where you can write up album reviews (for all of the domain's sites) and also where you can sign up for Gasland again if you wish to join us here in posting - are now all back up and working better than they ever did before! You will need to know how to do simple math, to get them to work, since captcha is now finally a part of the forms, but if you got past first grade math, you should be okay.

So much better working forms for the domain, and that means since the Stones new album came out months ago, this is your first chance to now review it at the Stones fan album site! So please, we don't have any reviews for this now not so new LP, since the forms were down since before it came out. But they are back up again and this is actually the first call being made to you Gassers or lurkers of Gasland, to send in a review of the new LP. Plus yes, I know, I still haven't yet reviewed the LP either - shame on me for that, since I don't need a form to write any reviews up on the domain! But gosh, it must be a good 2 or 3 years since I last wrote up any album reviews here at, even at the Rock site, and for the most part I stopped since I felt I wrote enough of them over there (but I would love to see you Rock and Stones fans still send in more rock album reviews too, and now you can again! That's why I finally got the forms working again). But yes, I will get around to writing up a new review for B&L asap, as it's page - Stones Blue & Lonesome page, needs one, since it's the only Stones LP that I haven't reviewed yet on the site.

Also, B&L is the only album that hasn't been voted on yet at our popular Stones Album VS polls. I wanted to wait on running any polls in regard to the new LP until it was out for about half a year, so more fans will know it better by then. So it's out now a bit more than 4 months, and in about a month or so when it's time to run the next new Stones album VS series with a new host LP (there's only 7 left now that haven't hosted it yet, including B&L), it will be the next host.

So anyway, who will be the first Stones fan to write up a review of the new album? Whoever that is will get a direct link to their new review from Gasland (so start writing!), yet as it is, in time more people will read our fan Rock and Stones album reviews at the Rock and Stones album pages than those who will read it here. Yes, more read our posts here day to day than anything seen at the record review pages per day. But after a few days, that changes. People never stop reading the album review pages, they get new readers every single day of the year, whereas posts here do see a ton more page-views per day, but by day 3 or 4, that's it for any single post made at the board being read by many. Here at Gasx3, it's what's posted new today that get's read by thousands of lurkers, not the older posts. That isn't to say our old posts will never be read by anybody again after a few days past - since they will, thanks to our archives - which are read by many everyday. But the numbers do drop off big time as the days go by - as they do at any web board, since it's the new stuff/posts that everybody wants to read the most, not old posts they read already. But at the album review pages, they just keep getting read over and overs again, and even 20 years from now there will be no drop-off in how many read those pages daily, and yes, the fan review pages on this domain have been up almost that long now - they started up shortly after the domain stated in '97, so that's about 20 years!

To check out our Stones fan album reviews and see the standings set by Stones fans (not me) - and to write up a review for most of the Stones studio albums for thousands to read for years to come (some albums are closed to new reviews), just click on this link: ... and then get started in writing up your B&L review!

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