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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE:2 replies in 1
Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2017
Time: 11:24:32 AM
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RE: RE:2 replies in 1

Mannny wrote:

I used to review records for a smalltime rag up here in buffalo,its fun but my attention span is not what it used to be i guess i just dont have the drive to do anything anymore

Come on Manny, I don't think the Stones site ever got a single review in from you, and your favorite Stones album, TSMR, is in need of just one more review to get it to 20. So how about you just review that one LP for us? Heck, you could just go back and do a search on all of your kind comments posted here at Gasx3 on that LP and put them all together and you would have your review written already, LOL! But really, reviews don't take long at all to write, and for whatever reasons, it always been hard to get any Gassers here to write reviews at the Stones album page, other than a handful. It's always other Stones fans or board lurkers who write them and send them in. But why not be the last fan to write one up for TSMR???

Fatmo wrote:

Yeah, I'm not sure I have anything very exciting or new to say about the Stones' albums now.

You don't have to, you or anybody else can write up whatever kind of review you like, you can write a totally positive one, or a negative one. Yes, 95% of fans send in positive ones, since most like to write about things they dig, but, you don't have to. I mean heck, look at all the negative reviews for DW sent in, it's really the only album not only on the Stones site, but also including reviews from the Rock site, that gets negative reviews. Well, got, since it's past the 20 marker limit and no more reviews can be written up for that one anymore.

But yes, you already started writing a review for B&L here in the thread! So come on Fatmo, just finish it up and send it on in to me via the new form! You've written reviews before at the review page, so why not be the first to review the new LP?

One person sent me in a blank album review form this morning other than his name, got a feeling he was just checking out the new form, but nothing in yet.... so who will be the first to send in a review of any kind for either the Rock site, or the Stones site? It doesn't have to be a review of the new Stones LP, although a few would be nice. I'm a bit worried that I waited too long in getting around to fixing those forms, since there were always a few who would write a new review every so often at the Rock site, and once you take that option away, as it did, for whatever reason, even a temporary reason, those people may not return to write again when you solve the problem. But the form problem is now fixed, so come on, let's start writing reviews Gassers and lurkers!... BTW, 2 brand new Gassers did sign up to join Gasland this morning, so that one sign-up form is already being put to good use.

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