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Name: LoveYouLive
Subject: RE: Good time for everyone
Date: Monday, November 28, 2005
Time: 8:58:23 AM
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RE: Good time for everyone

Keno it was great reading your detailed review. And you very much have an attention to details. I think the only thing that you failed to mention was the fact that the first meeting to form the Denver Broncos took place at the Brown Palace back in the late 50's.

With only a few exceptions, I pretty much agree with your assessment of the show. I wanted to convince myself that 'GOOMC' was the best tune of the night being so close to the b-stage, but they played a near perfect 'Rough Justice' just before. Certainly the best live version I have heard in all the shows I have seen this tour. I also agree on your assessment on 'Start Me Up' and the sound. It also sounded a little off to me. My guess is the guy was busy adjusting the mix during the first song (didn't actually look over) because everything else sounded great. A possible reason for this is because the sound adjustments during sound check are done with an empty arena. You certainly need to make some adjustments for the thousands of fans that are there for the real thing. And the version of 'Satisfaction' at the end was fantastic. No doubt that Keith nailed it square on the head to finish a great show.

Your comments about Ronnie are not a surprise. He has been playing very well this entire tour. It is really one of the reasons why this tour is so solid. As you pointed out, I thought Keith had a really good show. I thought it was on par with the shows I have seen him play in NYC, NJ and Connecticut were he is so close to home. I wish I could say a bit more about Charlie, but even being so close to the b-stage he was obstructed by one of his cymbels. However, keeping count during 'GOOMC' was really great because we were hearing him directly with no need for amplification. I am not any good at keeping time, but it's never hard that close to Charlie. There is simply no need to comment on Mick because he was as solid as ever. You can always count on Mick.

I need to give some compliments to the Denver crowd. They were really great and stood during the entire show with few exceptions. Yes there were a few fans that weren't great... like the couple right next to me that left there seats three times (yes 3!) during the show to take a multiple breaks. I couldn't believe when they took off the first time during 'IORR' which was only the second song. I also lost some feel for the energy of the crowd with the dead space that the b-stage area occupied for most of the show. It wasn't really a problem, but it was strange in it's own little way. However, the crowd in general was very good. A good mix with more then a few young people. In addition to some of the teens that are common now at these shows, I noticed a lot of 20-something fans. I also noticed that Ronnie gave a very nice look and wink at the young attractive woman in your row further down (behind my left shoulder) during the b-stage performance. Yes there were a few people that elected to sit, but during entire show when I looked around the arena I saw almost everyone standing.

The rest of the time together was great. It would have been nice to have a little more time before/after the show at the Brown Palace. If I could have changed one thing, it would have been nice to have one drink after the show. But it was a nice setting and if I visit Denver again, I just might open the wallet and get a room there. PayPhone Al and I had a nice afternoon there visiting Jillian. We also lucked out and had a Turkey dinner in the Ship Tavern Bar that afternoon. Still the best meal of my entire visit was our breakfast the next day. It was really good food and a nice way to finish our time together.

As good as the show was, I really enjoyed the entire visit to Denver. PayPhone Al and I had a nice trek on Friday up into the mountains. The weather was perfect and we had some great views on the way up to Breckenridge. We took the more scenic route over Loveland pass going up. In Breckenridge we paid a visit to Dave at his shop. He had some beautiful pictures of Colorado and the Southwest however there was nothing from his past experiences with Mick & company. The other great thing about the day out was hearing about Al's past travels and adventures. He is a true "fellow traveler" with many years of experience to share.

Unfortunately I couldn't enlist Al to come out for a drink or two when we returned to Denver that evening. We were both beat and he elected to crash. I managed to rally with a Jamba Juice and a walk on the 16th Street Mall. I spent a good bit of time checking out the Virgin store... which was better then Hollywood's. As I walked back to my hotel, I realized something was happening with all the people (and many children) on the street. Prior to putting the car in the parking garage, I decided to take a loop around the capitol building and here I discovered there had been the lighting event at the City & County Building. This had everyone out and the lights were very impressive. If I had know, I would have walked up and participating in the event.

In closing, it was my only concert on Thanksgiving so it will always be special. It was great coming out to Denver and having a nice little holiday. And thanks for the great weather which dramatically changed after we left on Saturday. The trip was so good, I am already thinking about when I might return again.

Where did you have your Turkey dinner Ronnie?

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