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Name: Keno
Subject: Stones Denver Show Part 1- Preshow (SSC)
Date: Monday, November 28, 2005
Time: 12:14:01 AM
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Stones Denver Show Part 1- Preshow (SSC)

I'll write this in three parts, first the pre show stuff, then part 2 about the concert itself (if that is all you want to read about, then skip parts 1 and 3), then finally, some after show Gassy comments in part 3.

Part 1 - Preshow

Well, no, I've never spent a Thanksgiving like the one I spent this past holiday weekend, for more than one reason, and you all know the main reason why. True, if you read this board enough, you know I was bitching about the Stones playing on my favorite holiday. I still wish they hadn't, but by about a week before the show I truly was over that, as my family did accept the fact that I could not miss the only Stones show to take place within about 600 miles of where I live. I also started to realize that the Stones planing a show on this day wasn't as much as big deal for the people who lived within an hour's drive of Denver, and that is who they are really putting on the show for anyway. Those of us who lived far away were really the only ones affected (other than those locals who had to work it). But hell, the locals could still have their turkey dinner with their families in the afternoon, and then head on out to the show as a bonus afterwards. Hell, I could have done that too if I lived closer, and then even brought some of my family to the show with me. But that wasn't the case for those of us who live far away from Denver.

Thanksgiving morning didn't start off too good for me at all, as I awoke sick. Since I wasn't able to get to Kalistongue's home the night before, I planned to leave around 9 in the morning on Thanksgiving, as I wanted to get to her place with at least an hour to spare before the Bronco game came on (I guess most of you know that I'm as big a Bronco's fan, as I am a Stone's fan). Denver is 4 hours from my house, but Kali lives on the western edge of Denver, so that saves a half hour off my driving time to get there. But I'm a slow driver, and I take it easy when I drive anywhere in Colorado, and enjoy all the great looking different mountain views out there that you pass on this trip. Whenever I see somebody on the road racing by me and speeding 10 to 20 MPH faster than I, I can only wonder what their rush in life is. But because I was so sick Thursday morning, I wasn't able to leave my house till well after 11 AM, so guess who became the person driving up and over the mountains passes like a nut in a rush? I made it to Kali's place in record time, driving a good 15 MPH over the limit at times, as I listened to the pre game show over the radio. Still, by the time I did get to her joint, the game was already started - and I was still feeling sick.

Kali had some meds she gave me that helped me out big time, it took the edge off how I felt, and watching my team win helped too. But the game went into overtime, and Kali wanted to hit the road, as it was getting close to 6 PM and we were suppose to meet LoveYouLive, Payphone Al and a few others at the Brown Palace in downtown Denver, about a half hour drive away. I told Kali that as long the Bronco's won the coin toss that they would win the game within minutes and we could head out the door then. Of course I was right, the game was over within 5 minutes after OT started. We got to the Brown with plenty of time to spare, as we had no plans to catch the opening act at 730, and we stayed there to after 8 PM, as the Brown is no more than a 5 minute drive from the PCenter.

No, because of the holiday, most of the out-of-town Gassers who normally show up for the Denver show and our pre party, didn't make it this time. In fact only LYL and PA did, and for Mr. Al it was a last minute deal (at least some of us guys are real good at explaining to our woman/families why we can't spend a major holiday with them - and still get away with it!). We made it to the Brown Palace around 610 and ran into Payphone Al outside on the street. We then headed into the fancy lobby where LoveYouLive was waiting for us with drink in hand. Since their two bars were jammed packed (almost everything downtown was closed) it was suggested that we have our drinks in the middle of the hugh lobby, which is set up more like several different living rooms with sofas and comfortable chairs and tables. For me this was excellent, since I have lousy hearing, which makes noisy bars a hard place for me to hear conversations with others. But the Brown Palace is a cool joint to hang out in if only for its history. Built in 1882 and once owned years ago by the "unsinkable" Molly Brown (you all know who she was, right?), it's fancy - as noted by Kali, but since it's also real old it's cool to look around at how it was built and all. LYL noted that they had a old menu on view from Thanksgiving Day in 1920, back when a full turkey dinner went for only $2.00! But so many of the rich and famous have stayed in this place throughout the years including several US Presidents, and the great Beatles, too. But even more important, the Stones stayed there on their last tour. We already knew they would not be staying there this tour and that wasn't why we choose to meet there, as none of us from this group of Gassers are into chasing the Stones around, that just isn't our thing. I always felt doing that to a famous person was rude, let them live their private life without being hassled by fans. If you run into them backstage, well, that is a different story.

Me and Kali had met PA last tour, but this was our first meeting with LYL, yet it didn't feel at all like a first meeting (I'll get into that bit about hanging with fellow Gassers in Part 3). Awhile after we were hanging LYL's friend Jullien (she posts at Shidoobieland once in awhile but I can't now recall her handle there) and 3 of her friends in from Breckenridge, Colorado joined us. Jullien is from California and has seen the Stones over 90 times now. Of course that is the way most of the Shidoobieland posters are, they truly are the Deadheads of Stones fans, no question. I wish I could have made it over to their mini party at Brooklyn's, as their party last tour was a blast. But there was no time to get over there, and again, because of the holiday it wasn't a true planned event like the last pre-show-party they had.

Because I was still sick before the show, I didn't have a single drink at the Brown, other than a coke. In fact, I didn't eat any food at all the entire day (how many can claim that on Thanksgiving?). I only drank some ice tea when I watched the football game, yet I wasn't hungry at all, even after we went up to one of the rooms at the Brown just before we left for the show and smoked a joint.

We got a chauffeured ride to the PCenter in a stretched SUV. LYL was sitting next to the driver and asked him if he was busy, he said he was very busy, as the show was a sell out and the fan club was staying at the hotel.

When we got to the PCenter it was already pushing 830 and I was getting nervous that the Boys would hit the stage early (like they did in New Mexico in '97). But it turned out they were late and the show didn't start till around 9 PM. That gave us time to get to know the fans around us a bit........ (continued on to Part 2)

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