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Name: Keno
Subject: Stones Denver Show Part 3 - After the Show (SSC)
Date: Monday, November 28, 2005
Time: 12:19:35 AM
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Stones Denver Show Part 3 - After the Show (SSC)

After Kali got a $35 T shirt, me, her and LYL left the arena and headed where Payphone Al and Ari were waiting for us in the parking lot. The air was crisp but not too cold (except for PA who was in from Florida) and we decided to walk on back to the Brown, via the 16 Street Mall. I always loved this street mall and I've never seen it so empty, with almost everything closed for the holiday. We got back to the Brown and sat again in the lobby. I could not help but notice all the families with preteens (wearing Stones shirts) who were there and had been to that show, it really was still a family holiday for many Stones fans after all.

Yes, the show was great, and as I said to a person after the show who asked me if I had a good time "A Stones fan cannot go to a Stones concert and not have a good time!", well, that is fact! But as great a time I had at the show, hanging out with my fellow Gassers was just as much a blast! Us Gassers are all so alike that it is scary in a way and it don't matter about other issues and how we might feel about them. Whenever I meet a Gasser for the first time, it never seems like it is the first time. There is none of that awkwardness you sometimes get with people when you first meet them. There really is that Stones family connection there that makes your time together so much fun.

Friday morning me, Kali, LYL and PA went out for a late breakfast. The food was great (maybe because I hadn't eaten anything in two days?) , the waitress was very talkative - Let it Bleed was her favorite LP and "My Sweet Neocon" her favorite song on the new album - because of Mick's harp she tells us, and the service was very slow. That turned out to be a good thing, as it gave us extra time to talk. We talked a bit about our board and how it was different than the other boards and why we dug that fact, and of course while talking about Gasx3, several of you came up, including the two dogs here, our only rat, our only admitted Gasland Republican, the board's Elvis freak, and that teen jumping flash kid, just to name a few of you (were your ears ringing?). PA asked me who was the oldest Gasser, and I didn't have an answer for him, other than to note that there were several of us grandparents posting at the board.

After breakfast we said our good-byes in the parking lot and a sadness came over me. As a kid growing up I had two best friends who were Stones freaks like me. Within two years of moving away from New York both of these guys died and that was it for me as far as having close friends who were total Stones freaks like me. Until 1996 anyway, when I started to meet people online who were as addicted to the Stones as I was. Then I started the land of Gas in '98 and it was never the same again! Now I have all kinds of fellow Stones junkie freaks like myself to talk to - even if it is only online. I guess that was why I felt a bit sad in the parking lot as LYL and PA headed to their rented car for a sight seeing drive up in the mountains. Talking online to you fellow fans is cool, no question, and why Gasland is still going so strong after all of these years. But still, nothing beats hanging in person with these kind of special friends. So whenever I get to do this, it is a special thing to me and as enjoyable as the show itself.

After I got back to Kali's place I was ready for the long ride back to my home, gave her a hug good-bye and wondered when we would get together next. On the drive back I wondered some more, on when my next show with the Stones would be. I was offered a free pass to the upcoming MSG show on January 20, 2006, but it is highly unlikely I will be able to make it. Yet so many many Gassers will meet there before that show, and that alone is a strong reason for me wanting to go, real bad.


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