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This page lists the top ten picks from different polls that fans have voted on over at the Classic Rock Weekly Poll Page, other than the first listing, which shows the most underrated member from many different bands


The most bizarre and outrageous Rock album covers (Results from a poll taken the week of May 3, 2021) Songs with a false ending that have the best false ending to them  (Results from a poll taken the week of May 10, 2021)
1 The Dawn of the Black Hearts - Mayhem - Showed pic of the dead body of their lead singer after he commited suicide by slicing his wrists, neck, and shot himself in the head 1 Strawberry Fields Forever � The Beatles
2 Yesterday and Today - The Beatles � The 'butcher cover' featured the band dressed in white smocks and covered with decapitated baby dolls and pieces of meat 2 Helter Skelter - The Beatles
3 Christ Illusion - SlayerCover depicts a mutilated, stoned Christ in a sea of blood w/ mutilated heads, causing outrage from some Christians 3 Piggies - The Beatles
4 In Utero - Nirvana � Some retailers refused to sell the LP because of the back cover artwork which featured model fetuses and other cut-up body parts 4 Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
5 Virgin Killer - Scorpions - Featured a frontal image of a nude pubescent girl 5 Hello Goodbye - The Beatles
6 Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses � Orinigal cover depicted an open-shirted woman after being raped by robotic rapist 6 Get Back (single version only) - The Beatles
6 Mom's Apple Pie � Mom's Apple Pie - Shows a woman holding pie w/ a slice removed showing a depiction of a woman's vulva, w/ semen leaking from pie 7 Shout! - Isley Brothers
8 Heavy Petting Zoo - NOFX � Features 2 covers, 1 shows man cuddling a sheep's genitalia w/ his hand;other features man in a 69 position with the sheep 8 Good Lovin� - The Young Rascals
9 Dick Sandwich - Frenzal Rhomb � Cover shows 3 severed penises, 2 of which are being used as filling in a sandwich 9 Centerfold - J Geils Band (tied for 9th with...
9 No Love Deep Web - Death GripsCover shows the erect penis of drummer Zach Hill with the LP's title written in black marker on it 9 Monday, Monday - The Mamas and The Papas (tie)

The nicest Rock songs about breaking up (Results from a poll taken the week of May 17, 2021) Of the Bands/Artists who only released one studio album, the LPs that were the best (Results from a poll taken the week of May 24, 2021)
1 Angie -The Rolling Stones 1 Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs - Derek and the Dominos
2 Wild World - Cat Stevens 2 Blind Faith - Blind Faith
3 Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones 3 Seconds of Pleasure  - Rockpile
4 Me And Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin 4 Grace - Jeff Buckley
5 Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow - Fleetwood Mac 5 Hollywood Dream' - Thunderclap Newman
6 Someday We'll Be Together - Diana Ross & The Supremes 6 Pacific Ocean Blue - Dennis Wilson
7 Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Bob Dylan 7 Nevermind the Bollocks, Here�s the Sex Pistols  - The Sex Pistols
8 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover � Paul Simon 8 The Teenagers Featuring Frankie Lymon'  - Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers
9 You Are Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley 9 Oar (1969) - Skip Spence
10 Early 1970 - Ringo Starr 10 Apple  - Mother Love Bone

Favorite songs about a misfit (Results from a poll taken the week of Sept 13, 2021) The Most Gloomy Rock songs  (Results from a poll taken the week of Oct 11, 2021)
1 Aqualung - Jethro Tull 1 Alone Again, Naturally � Gilbert O'Sullivan
2 Old Hippie - The Bellamy Brothers 2 Love Hurts - Nazareth
3 Almost Cut My Hair - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 3 Down by the River - Neil Young (tied w/......
4 Nowhere Man - The Beatles 3 Patches � Clarence Carter (tied for 3rd)
5 I Am a Rock - Simon & Garfunkel 5 Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
6 Everybody's Talkin' - Harry Nilsson 6 Shades of Grey - The Monkees
7 Long Harried Country Boy - Charlie Daniels Band 7 Mother - John Lennon  (tied w/......
8 Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed 8
Sam Stone - John Prine
As Tears Go By - The Rolling Stones (tied w/......
9 Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan 9 In the Ghetto - Elvis Presley (tied for 9th)
10 Authority Song - John Mellencamp &
Vincent - Don McLean (both tied for 10th place)
9 Leader of the Pack - The Shangri-Las (tied for 9th)

The worst Rock Managers ever (Results from a poll taken the week of Oct 18, 2021) The Best Songs about Desire or Longing for another person  (Results from a poll taken the week of Nov 15, 2021)
1 Allen Klein - At first he was looked at as a saint, but became the devil to both the Beatles and the Stones, and perhaps stole money from the benefit concert, The Concert for Bangladesh. 1 Moonlight Mile - The Rolling Stones
2 Andrew Loog Oldham - Made a name for himself by producing/managing the Stones, while not knowing what he was doing most of the time. The Stones made him famous, it wasn't the other way around. (Tie) 2 Yesterday - The Beatles
2 Don Arden - Ripped off The Small Faces, ELO, and attacked and caused his daughter Sharon Osbourn, to miscarry her baby after attacking her over her 'stealing' Ozzy Osbourn away from him. (Tie) 3 Photograph - Ringo Starr
2 Morris Levy - With his mob connections, he ripped off acts of millions of dollars including Tommy James in the '60s, and also the band The Teenagers, in the 1950s. (Tie) 4 Are You Lonesome Tonight - Elvis Presley
5 Colonel Tom Parker - Ripped off Elvis Presley by overcharging him as his manager. He also didn't care that Elvis was sick in the 1970s, and forced him to work so he coud keep making money off him. 5 Beechwood 4-5789 - The Marvelettes
6 Dee Anthony - Ripped off Humble Pie, when band leader Steve Marriott challenged him, Anthony set his mafia family, the Gambino Crime Family, on him to shut him up 6 Please Mister Postman - The Marvelettes
7 Frank Weber- Stoled $90 million from Billy Joel, who filed a series of lawsuits against him but only got $8 million back in the end. 7 Layla - Derek and the Dominos
8 Sean Combs (aka 'Puff Daddy' or whatever he�s calling himself this week) - Been accused of exploitation by many rappers for millions of dollars. 8
Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
9 Stan Polley - Totally ripped off Badfiner for most of their earnings, which lead directly to the suicide deaths of band members Pete Ham and Tom Evans. 9 All Day And All Of The Night - The Kinks 
(4 way tie for 9th with......
I Want You (She�s So Heavy) - The Beatles (tied for 9th)
10 Malcolm McLaren - The Sex Pistols had major issues with him, Johnny Rotten called him 'the most evil man in the world', and the entire band sued him for mismanagement. 9 Just My Imagination - The Temptations (tied for 9th)

So Far Away - Carole King (tied for 9th)

The most mispronounced song title, or hardest song title to pronounce in English (Results from a poll taken the week of Nov 22, 2021) The most bizarre last record made by a dying or soon to be departed rocker (Results from a poll taken the week of Nov 29, 2021)
1 Zungguzungguguzungguzeng � Yellowman 1 Keith Moon (with the Who) - 'Who Are You' - On the LP's front cover, Moon is sitting on a chair stenciled: 'Not To Be Taken Away'
2 Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic - Isaac Hayes 2 Leon Russell � 'On A Distant Shore' - Lyric: 'Sounds like a funeral for some person here, and I might be the one
2 Con Le Mie Lacrime (As Tears Go By) - Rolling Stones 3 Sam Cooke - 'A Change is Gonna Come'- Lyric: 'It's been too hard living, but I'm afraid to die, cause I don't know what's up there, beyond the sky'
2 Sie liebt dich - The Beatles 4 Lynyrd Skynrd - 'That Smell' - Lyric: 'Ooooh that smell, can't you smell that smell, the smell of death surrounds you'
5 S.W.L.A.B.R - Cream 5 Chuck Willis - His very last single's A and B side were titled: 'What An I Living For' and 'Hang up My Rock & Roll Shoes'
6 Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love is Hot) - Donovan 6 Hank Williams - 'I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive'- Lyric: 'I had lot's of luck but it's all been bad, no matter how I struggle to strive, I never get out of this world alive'
7 Mustapha - Queen 7 Brian Jones (with the Rolling Stones) - 'No Expectations' - Lyric: 'I got no expectation to pass through here again'
8 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - Led Zeppelin (tie) 7
David Bowie - 'Lazarus' - Lyric from song: 'Look up here, I�m in heaven'
8 D'Yer Mak'er - Led Zeppelin (tie) 7 Eddie Cochran - 'Three Steps to Heaven'- Lyric: 'There are 3 steps to heaven just listen and you will see, and if things go wrong just follow steps one, two and three'
8 Komm, gib mir deine Hand - The Beatles (last 3 songs all tied for 8th place) 7 Gregg Allman - 'Going Going Gone' - Lyrics: 'There's not much more to be said, it's the top of the end, I'm going, I'm going, I'm gone'

The most important record recorded and released in Rock music history (Results from a poll taken the week of Dec 6, 2021) Of the artists inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame for 2021, which ones shouldn't have gotten in (Results from a poll taken the week of Dec 13, 2021)
1 Elvis Presley's first single, 'That's All Right', was released on July 19, 1954 and Rock music officially now had it's true and only King 1 JAY-Z ( with 33.3%)
2 The Beatles first song and single, 'Love Me Do' is relased on October 5th, 1962, and Rock music and the entire music world would never be the same again! 2 Kraftwerk (with 33.2%)
3 Bill Haley and the Comets' 'Rock Around the Clock' is released on May 20, 1954, and considered the first pure rockabilly song released 3 LL Cool J (with 33.1%)
4 Little Richard records 'Tutti-Frutti' on Sept 14, 1955, Rock's first sexual song. First titled 'Tutti Frutti, Good Booty', he was forced to change the title before recording the song. 4 Note: Only the top 3 are listed since they took in 99.6% of the votes
5 Ike Turner and his Kings of Rhythm band records 'Rocket 88' (but it's released credited to only Jackie Brenston) on April 1, 1951, and Rock n Roll music was officially born.   The most unusual and/or unjoyful Xmas songs (Results from a poll taken the week of Dec 20, 2021) (Top 6 only)
6 Wall of sound starts as Phil Spector produces the Ronettes' 'Be My Baby' in July and August of 1963 1 Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - Elmo & Patsy - Grandma gets drunk on eggnog on Xmas Eve & on her walk home, gets run over and killed by Santa and his reindeer. Ok, whatever!
7 The Who release 'My Generation' on Oct 13, 1965. The hard rock song was looked at as the start of Punk music, plus the start of the generation gap, too 2 Father Christmas � The Kinks - About a group of kids who hate Santa and rob him and put him down.
8 Black Sabbath release their first album on February 13, 1970 and Heavy Metal is officially born, as the LP is regarded as the first pure album in the heavy metal genre. 3
Christmas With The Devil � Spinal Tap - The title tells it all, from the sugar plums being rancid to the stockings burning in flames to rats eating all the presents
9 The Alice Cooper Band releases the LP Pretties for You on June 25, 1969, and Glam Rock is officially born in the U.S. 4 Cosmic Christmas - Stones - Weird electronic melltron music only - but listen closely and you'll actualy hear 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas'
10 David Bowie releases the LP The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars on June 6, 1972, and is considered the official start of Glam Music in the UK


Santa Claus & His Old Lady �Cheech & Chong -This unusual one is funny&fun. Santa is a hippie freak, lives on a commune up North and shares his 'majic dust' w/his reindeers to get them to fly!

I Believe in Father Christmas - Greg Lake - He doesn't really believe in Father Christmas at all, thanks to all of the chaos in our world and he states that we deserve the crap that we end up with

The best Classic Rock song that starts off with either a gong(s), bell(s), or a cowbell (Results from a poll taken the week of Jan 24, 2022)  The most intresting looking arrest mugshots taken of a Rocker (Results from a poll taken the week of Jan 31, 2022)
1 Honky Tonk Women - Rolling Stones (cowbell) 1 Michael Jackson - Mugshot following his Nov 2003 arrest for child molestation
2 Time - Pink Floyd (bells) 2 Phil Spector - Covicted for 2003 murder of Lana Clarkson. Prison mugshot in '09
3 I Call Your Name - The Beatles (cowbell) (tied with.... 3 Mick Jagger (2) - Bust info here
3 Mother - John Lennon (bell) 4 Janis Joplin (1) - Arrested in San Francisco for shoplifting in 1963
5 Time Has Come Today - The Chambers Brothers (cowbell) 5 Keith Richards - Bust info here
6 Mississippi Queen - Mountain (cowbell) 6 Janis Joplin(2) - Busted for disorderly conduct after cursing police during a Nov '69 concert in Tampa
7 Low Rider - War (cowbell) (tied with.... 7 Jim Morrison (1) - Bust info here
7 We're An American Band - Grand Funk Railroad (cowbell) 7
Glenn Frey - Busted in Columbus, Ohio, on drug possession & public intoxication charges in May 1973
9 Hell's Bells - AC/DC (bell) (tied with.... 7 David Crosby - Bust info here
Its So Easy - Linda Rondstadt (cowbell)

Jim Morrison (4) - Bust info here
Steven Tyler - Arrested for possession of pot in March of 1967 in Yonkers, N.Y.
PaulMcCartney/PeteBest - Bust info here

The best Bob Dylan covers (Results from a poll taken the week of Feb 28, 2022) Rock guitarist with the most instantly recognizable tone from his or her guitar (Results from a poll taken the week of March 21, 2022)
1 Mr. Tambourine Man - The Bryds 1 Jimi Hendrix - Jimi Hendrix Experience & solo
2 All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix 2 Eddie Van Halen - Van Halen
3 All I Really Want To Do - The Byrds (tied for 3rd) 3 Brian May - Queen
3 Mighty Quinn (aka Quinn The Eskimo) - Manfred Mann (tied for 3rd) 4 Tom Scholz - Boston
5 Blowin' In The Wind - Peter, Paul & Mary 5 Keith Richards - The Rolling Stones
6 It Ain't Me Babe - The Turtles 6 Billy Gibbons - ZZ Top
7 If Not For You - George Harrison 7 Roger McGuinn - The Byrds
8 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - The Animals 8
David Gilmour - Pink Floyd
9 My Back Pages - The Bryds 9 Robby Krieger - Doors

Blowin' in the Wind - Stevie Wonder

Mark Knopfler - Dire Straits

Songs with the best Rock N' Roll Scream or Screamig Vocals (Results from a poll taken the week of April 18, 2022) The greatest long running Rock Songs (at least 10 minutes long), ever? (Results from a poll taken the week of May 16, 2022)
1 Won't Be Fooled Again - The Who - Scream by Roger Daltrey 1 Shine On You Crazy Diamond � Pink Floyd (26:01)
2 Cry Baby - Janis Joplin - Opening stretched out scream by Janis Joplin, along with screaming vocals also sung by Joplin 2 Cowgirl in the Sand - Neil Young with Crazy Horse (10:04)
3 With a Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker - Scream by Joe Cocker 3 The End - The Doors (11:44)
4 Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin - Screaming lyrics sung by Robert Plant 4 Whipping Post (Live) � The Allman Brothers Band (22:40)
5 Revolution - The Beatles - Opening Scream and Screaming vocals by John Lennon, except on live video, opening scream by Paul McCartney 5 Alice's Restaurant Massacree - Arlo Guthrie (18:20)
6 Meadows - Joe Walsh - Song's opening screams by Joe Walsh 6 Time Has Come Today - The Chambers Brothers (11:06)
7 Twist and Shout - The Beatles - Screaming vocals sung by John Lennon 7 Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John (11:08) (tied with...
8 Piece of My Heart - Big Brother & the Holding Company - Screaming lead vocals by Janis Joplin 7
The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys - Traffic (12:10) (tied for 7th)
9 Cold Turkey - John Lennon - Screaming by John Lennon
Helter Skelter - The Beatles - Scream by Paul McCarntney
Hey Jude - The Beatles - Screaming by Paul Mccartney
9 Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix Experience (15:05)

Mother - John Lennon - Primal screaming by John Lennon
Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin - Screaming lyrics sung by Robert Plant
Desolation Row - Bob Dylan (11:21) (tied w/...
Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd (10:07 studio; 11:30 live) (tied for 10th)

The best Rock songs about sleeping (Results from a poll taken the week of May 30, 2022) The best Rock duo/duet songs (Results from a poll taken the week of June 27, 2022)
1 Dream a Little Dream of Me - Mama Cass / The Mamas & The Papas 1 The Sound of Silence - Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel (as Simon & Garfunkel)
2 Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel 2 I Got You Babe - Sonny Bono & Cher (as Sonny & Cher)
3 Golden Slumbers - The Beatles 3 Baby Blue - Pete Ham & Tom Evans (w/ Badfinger) (tied w....
4 Wake Up Little Susie - The Everly Brothers 3 Two of Us - Paul McCartney & John Lennon (w/ the Beatles) (tied for 3rd place)
5 How Do You Sleep - John Lennon 5 All I Have to Do Is Dream - Phil and Don Everly (as The Everly Brothers) (tied with...
6 Goodnight - The Beatles 5 Baby's in Black - John Lennon & Paul McCartney (w/ the Beatles) (tied for 5th)
7 I'm So Tired - The Beatles (5 way tie w/..) 7 Homeward Bound - Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel (as Simon & Garfunkel) (3 way tie w/
7 All I Have to Do Is Dream - The Everly Brothers (tie) 7
Proud Mary - Ike & Tina Turner (3 way tie for 7th)
7 Dream Weaver - Gary Wright (tie) 7 Ticket to Ride - John Lennon & Paul McCartney (w/ the Beatles) (3 way tie)

The Lion Sleeps Tonight � The Tokens
Tossin'and Turnin' - Bobby Lewis (tied)
America - Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel (as Simon & Garfunkel) (3 way tie w/...
Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper and Donovan (w/ the Alice Cooper band)(tie)
One After 909 - John Lennon & Paul McCartney (w/ the Beatles) (3 way tie for 10th)

Artists' best last original studio albums put out (Results from a poll taken the week of March 5, 2012) The greatest Rock trios ever (Results from a poll taken the week of July 25, 2022) (If band wasn't always a trio, it's noted below when they were)
1 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel 1 Jimi Hendrix Experience (1966-1968)
2 Let It Be - The Beatles 2 Cream (1966-1969)
3 Electric Ladyland - Jimi Hendrix (tied for 3rd) 3 Crosby, Stills & Nash (1968, 75-86, 90, 92-99, 2006-16)
3 Highway To Hell - AC/DC (last with Bon Scott) (tied for 3rd) 4 The Bee Gees (1958- 2003)
5 L.A. Woman - The Doors (last with Jim Morrison) 5 Grand Funk Railroad (as a trio from 1969-1976)
6 Pearl - Janis Joplin (tied for 6th) 6 Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970-1979/1991-1994)
6 Street Survivors - Lynyrd Skynyrd (last from original band) (tied for 6th) 7 Three Dog Night (started as a trio in 1967)
8 Double Fantasy - John Lennon 8
Blue Cheer (as a trio from 1966-1969) (tied for 8th)
9 Eat a Peach - Allman Brothers Band (last from original band) 8 Mot�rhead (1975-2016) (tied for 8th)

In Through the Out Door - Led Zeppelin 8
The James Gang (as a trio from 1966-1971) (tied for 8th)

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