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TOP TEN LISTS of SONGS (by Artists and Session Players)
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This is the third page of lists showing favorite Classic Rock Songs recorded by individual bands and solo artists (overall it's Page 13 of the Top Ten Lists). Also on this page is the best song performances by the top sessions players in rock music. The list is made up from songs chosen by Classic Rock Fans. You can take part in the voting by clicking on the links below, which will bring you to our Classic Rock Weekly Poll page.


Favorite Songs By Billy Joel (Week of Sept 7, 2015)          

Favorite Songs By Van Morrison (Week of Sept 14, 2015)

1 Piano Man 1 Brown Eyed Girl
2 Captain Jack 2 Here Comes the Night
3 My Life (tied for 3rd w.... 3 Moondance
3 Scenes From An Italian Restaurant (tie) 4 Wild Night
5 Just The Way You Are (tied for 5th w/.... 5 Domino
5 Only The Good Die Young (tie) 6 Into the Mystic  (tied for 6th w/....
7 Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) (tied for 7th w/... 6 Tupelo Honey
7 Uptown Girl (tie) 8 Blue Money
9 Big Shot  (tied for 9th with the nest 3 songs....
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me (tie)
9 Baby Please Don't Go
9 The Ballad Of Billy The Kid (tie)
The Longest Time (tie)
10 Madame George


Favorite Songs By Sly and the Family Stone (Week of Sept 21, 2015)

Favorite Songs By Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Week of Sept 28, 2015)
1 Everyday People 1 Woodstock
2 Dance To The Music 2 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
3 Hot Fun in the Summertime 3 Teach Your Children
4  I Want to Take You Higher 4 Marrakesh Express
5 Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin 5 Dark Star
6 Family Affair 6 Southern Cross
7 Stand! 7 Carry On 
8 You Can Make It If You Try 8 Almost Cut My Hair (tied with....
9 M'Lady 8 Long Time Gone
10 Everybody is a Star 10 Our House   (tied with....
Wooden Ships


Favorite Songs By Jethro Tull (Week of Oct 5, 2015)

Favorite Songs By The Moody Blues (Week of Oct 12, 2015)

1 Aqualung 1 Nights in White Satin
2 Locomotive Breath 2 Go Now
3 Hymn 43  (tied for 3rd w/.... 3 The Story in Your Eyes
3 Thick as a Brick 4 (Evening) Time to Get Away (tied w/..
5 Living In The Past 4 Legend of a Mind
6 Teacher  (tied for 6th w/.... 6 Question
6 Wind-Up 7 I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band) (tied for 7th w/..
8 Cross-Eyed Mary  (tied for 8th w/.... 7 Tuesday Afternoon (tied for 7th w/..
8 Inside 7 Your Wildest Dreams
10 Too Old To Rock And Roll, Too Young To Die 10 Ride My See-Saw


Favorite Songs By Paul Simon (Week of Sept 19, 2016)          

Favorite Songs By Stevie Wonder (Week of Sept 26, 2016)

1 Mother And Child Reunion 1 Living for the City
2 Kodachrome 2 Superstition
3 Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard 3  I Wish  (tied for 3rd w/....
4 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover 3 Uptight (Everything's Alright)
5 Duncan 5 Boogie On Reggae Woman
6 Loves Me Like A Rock (w/ the Dixie Hummingbirds) (tied for 6th w/.... 6 I Was Made to Love Her (tied for 6th w/....
6 Take Me To The Mardi Gras (tie) 6 My Cherie Amour (tie)
8 American Tune 6 You Are the Sunshine of My Life (tie)
9 Graceland  (tied for 9th w/.. 9 Higher Ground
9 St. Judy's Comet (tie)
Still Crazy After All These Years (tie)
10 For Once in My Life (tied w/...
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours

Favorite Songs By The Animals (Week of Oct 3, 2016)          

Favorite Songs By The Beach Boys (Week of Oct 10, 2016)

1 The House of the Rising Sun 1 Good Vibrations
2 We Gotta Get out of This Place 2 Wouldn't It Be Nice
3 Sky Pilot 3 Help Me, Rhonda
4 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 4 Barbara Ann
5 It's My Life 5 California Girls
6 When I Was Young 6 409  (tied w/...
7 San Franciscan Nights 6 I Get Around
8 Monterey 8 Fun, Fun, Fun  (tied w/...
9 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 8 Little Deuce Coupe
10 See See Rider  (tied for 10th w/....
To Love Somebody
10 The Little Old Lady (from Pasadena)

Favorite Songs By The Electric Light Orchestra (Week of Oct 16, 2016)          

Top songs that Nicky Hopkins shined the brightest on (Week of Feb 20, 2017)

1 Roll Over Beethoven 1 Angie - 1973 w/ The Rolling Stones (Piano) (tie)
2 Ma-Ma-Ma Belle 1 Getting In Tune - 1971 w/ The Who (Piano) (tie)
3 Mr. Blue Sky 1 You Are So Beautiful - 1974 w/ Joe Cocker (Piano) (tie)
4 Can't Get It Out of My Head 4 Jealous Guy - 1971 w/ John Lennon (Electric Piano)
5 Do Ya 5 We Love You - 1967 w/ The Rolling Stones
6 Evil Woman 6 Photograph - 1973 w/ Ringo Starr (Piano) (tie)
7 Livin' Thing 6 Sympathy for the Devil - 1968 w/ The Rolling Stones (Piano) (tie)
8 Showdown Revolution - 1968 w/ The Beatles (Piano)
9 Telephone Line 9 Crippled Inside - 1971 w/ John Lennon (Track Piano)  (tied for 9th with...
10 10538 Overture 9 Rocks Off - 1972 w/ The Rolling Stones(Piano)
The Song Is Over - 1971 w/ The Who (Piano)

Top songs that Bobby Keys shined the brightest on (Week of Feb 26, 2017)        

On what song did Leon Russell shine the brightest? (Week of March 6, 2017)

1 Brown Sugar w/ The Rolling Stones (Saxophone) 1 Jumpin' Jack Flash (Vocals/Piano/Producer)
2 Can't You Hear Me Knocking w/ The Rolling Stones (Saxophone) 2 Tight Rope (Vocals/Piano/Bass/Writer/Producer
3 Whatever Gets You thru the Night w/ John Lennon (Saxophone) 3 Young Blood (Vocals/Piano/Producer)
4 Live with Me w/ The Rolling Stones (Saxophone) 4 The Letter w/ Joe Cocker (Piano/Producer)
5 The Wanderer w/ Dion (Saxophone) 5 Delta Lady w/ Joe Cocker (Piano/Producer/Writer)
6 Rip This Joint w/ The Rolling Stones (Saxophone) 6 A Song for You (Vocals/Piano/Guitar/Writer/Producer)
7 Call Me the Breeze w/ Lynyrd Skynyrd (Saxophone)   (tied w/.... 7 Delta Lady (Vocals/Piano/Guitar/Writer/Producer)
7 The Letter w/ Joe Cocker (Saxophone)  8  Get a Line on You (Piano/Guitar/Writer - uncredited) (M. Jagger/Vocals) (tie for 8th w/....
9 Photograph w/ Ringo Starr (Saxophone) 8 Live With Me w/ the Rolling Stones (Piano) (tie)
10 Power to the People w/ John Lennon (Saxophone) (tied w/....
Return to Sender w/ Elvis Presley (Saxophone)
Runaround Sue w/ Dion (Saxophone)
8 Superstar w/ The Carpenters (Piano/Co-Writer) (Vocals Karen Carpenter) (tie)


Songs as a session man that Jimmy Page shined the brightest on (Results from a poll taken the week of June 25, 2017)       

Songs as a session man that Billy Preston shined the brightest on (Results from a poll taken the week of July 3, 2017)

1 Hurdy Gurdy Man (1968) by Donovan: Lead acid guitar 1 Get Back (1969) by the Beatles: Electric Piano
2 With A Little Help From My Friends (1968) by Joe Cocker: Lead guitar 2 Shine a Light (1972) by the Stones: Piano and Organ
3 Baby Please Don't Go (1964) by Van Morrison/Them: Electric guitar 3 Let It Be (1970) by the Beatles: Organ (tied w/....
4 Here Comes the Night (1964) by Van Morrison/Them: Lead guitar 3 Saint of Me (1998) by the Rolling Stones: Organ
5 One Hit (To the Body) (1986) by The Rolling Stone: Guitar solo 5 God (1970) by John Lennon: Piano
6 Sunshine Superman (1966) by Donovan: Lead guitar 6 100 Years Ago (1973) by the Rolling Stones: Clavinet
7 Tall Cool One (1988) by Robert Plant: Lead guitar 7 Here We Go Again (2004) by Ray Charles: Organ
8 Beck's Bolero (1967) by Jeff Beck: Rhythm 12 string guitar and co-producer  8  Family Affair (1971) by Sly & the Family Stone: Piano
9 Right by You (1984) by Stephen Stills: Lead guitar 9 I Want You (She's So Heavy) (1969) by the Beatles: Organ
10 Mystic Eyes (1964) by Van Morrison/Them: Lead guitar (tied w/....
Tobacco Road (1964) by the Nashville Teens: Guitar riffs
10 One After 909 (1970) by the Beatles: Electric Piano




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