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This page lists the top ten picks from different polls that fans have voted on over at the Classic Rock Weekly Poll Page. 


Rock songs with the best opening to them
(Results from a poll taken the week of Nov. 17, 2014)
Best Rock songs to play for Thanksgiving (Results from a poll taken the week of Nov. 24, 2014)
1 Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple 1 Alice's Restaurant Massacree - Arlo Guthrie
2 Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones 2

Thank You � Led Zeppelin

3  I Feel Fine - The Beatles 3 Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) - Sly and The Family Stone
4 Back in the U.S.S.R. - The Beatles  (tied for 4th) 4 Thank You Girl � The Beatles
4 Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper (the band)  (tied for 4th) 5 I Thank You � ZZ Top
4 Cold Turkey - John Lennon  (tied for 4th) 6 Give Thanks and Praises - Bob Marley
4 Hot For Teacher - Van Halen  (tied for 4th) 7 I Thank You � Sam and Dave
4 Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who  (tied for 4th) 8 Thanksgiving Day - Ray Davies
9 Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones (tied for 9th) 9 Lonesome Electric Turkey - Frank Zappa
9 Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin (tied for 9th) 10 Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden


The most important moment in Rock history was: (Results from a poll taken the week of Dec. 1, 2014) The worst moment in Rock history was: (Results from a poll taken the week of Dec. 8, 2014)
1 Elvis Presley's first record release ('That's Allright Mama', July 5, 1954) (tied for 1st)* 1 John Lennon is assassinated (December 8, 1980)
1 The Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show (February 9, 1964) (tied for 1st)* 2 The untimely deaths of: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Keith Moon, John Bonham, Elvis, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison
3 Bill Haley and the Comets' 'Rock Around the Clock' is released (May 20, 1954) 3 Anytime when any Rocker accepts a knighthood (tied for 3rd with,,,,
4 The Beatles start the British invasion in the US (February 7,1964) (tied for 4th) 3 Hell breaks lose while The Stones play Altamont after hiring Hells Angels to Provide Security (Dec 6, 1969) &
4 The Woodstock Music Festival is held (August 15�18, 1969) (tied for 4th) 3 The day the music died: Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens die in plane crash (Feb 2, 1959)
6 John Lennon is assassinated (December 8, 1980) 6 Fans are killed at the Who's Cincinnati concert (December 3, 1979) (tied for 6th with....
7 Chuck Berry plays the guitar intro to 'Johnny B. Goode' for the first time (January 6, 1958 (tied for 7th) 6 Janis Joplin dies from herion overdose (Oct 4, 1970) just 3 weeks after Jimi Hendrix dies (Sep 18, 1970)
7 Chuck Berry's 'Maybellene' is released (July 1955) (tied for 7th) 8 PMRC hearings (Aug 1985) for adoption of warning stickers on record albums whose lyrics deemed to be offensive (tied for 8th with....
9 Bob Dylan goes electric at the Newport Folk Festival (July 25, 1965) (tied for 9th) 8 Stones' Jagger/Richards refuse to credit fellow band members for songs they helped write (1960s thru 1980s)
9 Elvis Presley is shown from the waist up on The Ed Sullivan Show (September 9, 1956) (tied for 9th)
The beginning of the Beatles (March 1957 to 1960) (tied for 9th)
10 Elvis meets Nixon and kisses his ass just to get a phony medal (Dec. 21, 1970) (Tied for 10th with....
Rolling Stones cave in to the censors and change lyrics on The Ed Sullivan Show (January 15, 1967) &
The drug death of Elvis Presley (August 16, 1977)


*A tiebreaker poll was held in the first week of December in '16, and Elvis Presley's first record was chosen as the top pick by 3 votes.


The best vocal sample heard in a Rock song (Results from a poll taken the week of Dec. 15, 2014) The best falsetto sung in a rock song? (Results from a poll taken the week of Jan 26, 2015)
1 Mary Clayton on Stones' 'Gimmie Shelter': 'Rape, murder! It's just a shot away....' 1 Jay Siegel, Mitch Margo on the Tokens 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'
2 John Entwistle on The Who's 'Summertime Blues': 'I'd like to help you son but you're too young to vote' 2 Barry Gibb on The Bee Gees's 'Stayin' Alive' tied with
3 Peter Townshend on The Who's 'Baba O'Riley': 'Don't cry, don't raise your eye, it's only teenage wasteland....' 2 Mick Jagger on The Rolling Stones' 'Emotional Rescue'
4 Sting on Dire Straits' 'Money for Nothing': 'I want my MTV' (sang on and off throughout the song) 4 Roger Taylor on Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
5 Catherine Epps on Aerosmith's 'Love in an Elevator': (spoken) '...Oh, good morning, Mr. Tyler. Going...down? 5 Bobby Hatfield on the Righteous Brothers' 'Unchained Melody' tied with
6 Keith Richards on the Stones' 'Salt Of The Earth': 'Let's drink to the hard working people...' tied with 5 Carl Wilson on the Beach Boys ''Good Vibrations' tied with
6 Phil Rizzuto on Meatloaf's 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light': (spoken baseball play by play) 5 Lou Christie on his solo song 'Lightning Strikes' tied with
8 Roy Orbison on The Traveling Wilburys' Handle With Care: 'I'm so tired with being lonely,...' 5 Robert Plant on Led Zeppelin's 'Rock and Roll'
9 John Wallace on Harry Chapin's 'Taxi': 'Baby's so high that she's skying...' tied with 9 John Wallace on Harry Chapin's 'Taxi' tied with
9 Magic Dick on J Giles Band's 'Love Stinks': 'Love stinks' (sang on and off throughout the song) 9 Roy Orbison on his solo song 'Crying'


The best Acoustic Guitar(s) heard in a Rock song (Results from a poll taken the week of March 16, 2015) Of songs that repeat the same lyrics over and over again, the ones that are best thanks to the repeated words (Results from a poll taken the week of May 18, 2015)
1 No Expectations - Rolling Stones - Acoustic Slide Brian Jones, Acoustic Rhythm Keith Richards 1 Kiss Him Goodbye - Steam: 'Na na na na, na na na, hey hey, goodbye' repeated 42 times
2 Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin - Acoustic Guitar by Jimmy Page 2 Hey Jude - The Beatles: Title 25x; 'Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na' 28x, or 54x only count'g 1st verse
3 Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles - Acoustic Guitar by George Harrision... tied w/ 3 The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Tokens: 'Wimoweh' is repeaded 75 times
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd - 6 and 12-string Acoustic Guitars by David Gilmour 4 Starfucker - The Rolling Stones: Title repeated 74 times (tied for 4th)
5 Sound of Silence � Simon And Grafunkel � Acoustic Guitar by Paul Simon 4 Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones: 'Woo-woo-who-who' repeated 141 times (tied for 4th)
6 Going Mobile - The Who - Acoustic Guitars by Pete Townshend.... tied w/ 6 She Loves You - The Beatles: 'Yeah yeah yeah' repeated 28 times
6 The Boxer � Simon And Grafunkel � Acoustic Guitars by Paul Simon and Fred Carter, Jr 7 Atlantis - Donovan: 'She may' 95x; 'Way down below the ocean, where I wanna be, she may be' repeated 17x
8 Give a Little Bit � Supertramp - Acoustic 12-string Guitar by Roger Hodgson... tied w/ 8 All You Need Is Love - The Beatles: Title 13x; 'Love' repeated 44x; 'Love is all you need' 40x
8 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - The Beatles - Acoustic Guitar by John Lennon 9 The End - The Beatles: Title repeated 26 times -or- if it's 'love you/it', that's repeaded 25 times
10  Embryonic Journey - Jefferson Airplane - Acoustic Guitar by Jorma Kaukonen... tied w/
Mrs. Robinson � Simon And Garfunkel � Acoustic Guitar by Paul Simon... tied w/
Rocket Man - Elton John - Acoustic Guitars by Davey Johnstone... tied w/
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - Crosby, Still, Nash - Acoustic Guitars by Stephen Stills/David Crosby
10 Who Are You - The Who: Title repeated 48 times; 'Who who' repeated 47 times



The best Autobiographical Rock song (Results from a poll taken the week of June 8, 2015)  The best Female Guitar Players in Rock music (Results from a poll taken the week of June 15, 2015)
1 In My Life - The Beatles (Written by John Lennon) 1 Bonnie Raitt
2 Creeque Alley - The Mamas & the Papas (Written by John & Michelle Phillips) 2  Nancy Wilson
3 Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival (Written by John Fogerty) 3 Chrissie Hynde
4 Rip This Joint - The Rolling Stones (Written by Mick Jagger) 4 Lita Ford (tied for 4th)
5 Fire And Rain - James Taylor (tied with... 4 Susan Tedeschi (tied for 4th)
5 Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple (written by Gillan, Blackmore, Glover, Lord, Paice) (tie) 6 Joni Mitchell
7 Night Moves - Bob Seger (tied with... 7 Joan Jett (tied for 7th)
7 Small Town - John Mellencamp (tie) 7 Sister Rosetta Tharpe (tied for 7th)
9 Watching The Wheels - John Lennon 9 Patti Smith
10  Ballad of John and Yoko - The Beatles (Written by John Lennon)   (tied with...
Piano Man - Billy Joel  (tie)
Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh  (tie)
10 Joan Baez



Best Rock band thanks to the siblings in the group (Results from a poll taken the week of June 29, 2015) The best Group/duo thanks to the husband and wife team in the band (Results from a poll taken the week of July 6, 2015)
1 The Kinks - Brothers Dave and Ray Davies 1 The Ike & Tina Turner Revue - with Ike and Tina Turner
2 Allman Brothers Band - Brothers Duane and Gregg Allman 2 Fleetwood Mac - with John and Christie McVie
3 AC/DC - Brothers Angus and Malcolm Young 3 The Mamas and the Papas - with John and Michelle Phillips
4 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Brothers John and Tom Fogerty 4 Plastic Ono Band - with John Lennon and Yoko Ono
5 The Bee Gees - Brothers Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb  (tied with... 5 Delaney & Bonnie - with Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett
5 Van Halen - Brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen 6 Sonny & Cher - with Sonny Bono and Cher
7 Sly and the Family Stone - Brothers Sly & Freddie Stone/Sister Rose Stone  (tie) 7 ABBA - Agnetha F�ltskog & Bj�rn Ulvaeus and Anni-Frid Lyngstad & Benny Andersson (tied with...
7 The Everly Brothers - Brothers Don and Phil Everly  (tie) 7 Tedeschi Trucks Band - with Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi
7 The Marshall Tucker Band - Brothers Toy and Tommy Caldwell   (tie) 9 The White Stripes - with Jack and Meg White
10  The Jackson 5 - Brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon & Michael Jackson 10 Richard and Linda Thompson - with Richard and Linda Thompson



Best rock song about living life on the road while touring in a band (Results from a poll taken the week of July 13, 2015) The best Vocalist out of the singing Rock drummers (Results from a poll taken the week of August 31, 2015)
1 Turn the Page - Bob Seger 1 Levon Helm (co lead vocalist for The Band)
2 Homeward Bound - Simon & Garfunkel 2 Karen Carpenter (lead vocalist for The Carpenters) 
3 Lodi - Creedence Clearwater Revival (tied with 3 Micky Dolenz (lead/backing vocalist for The Monkees)
3 Travelin' Band - Creedence Clearwater Revival 4 Don Henley (co lead vocalist/backing vocals for The Eagles)
5 Rip This Joint - The Rolling Stones (tied with 5 Phil Collins (lead vocalist for Genesis)
5 Trucking - The Grateful Dead 6 Roger Taylor (backing and some lead vocals for Queen)
7 The Load-Out - Jackson Browne (tied with.... 7 Don Brewer (co lead vocalist for Grand Funk Railroad)
7 We're an American Band - Grand Funk Railroad 8 Peter Hoorelbeke (aka Peter Rivera) (co-lead vocalist for Rare Earth)
9 Tiny Dancer - Elton John 9 Dennis Wilson (harmony/backing vocals for The Beach Boys) (tied for 9th w/....
10  All the Way from Memphis - Mott the Hoople 9 Ringo Starr (some vocals for the Beatles, solo)


The best acoustic guitar players in rock (Results from a poll taken the week of November 9, 2015) What was the stupidest thing ever done by a Rocker or a Rock Band? (Results from a poll taken the week of November 16, 2015)
1 Paul Simon 1 Kanye West takes mic away from Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at Grammy show and rants that she should't had won it (2009)
2 Keith Richards 2 Michael Jackson dangles his 9 month old baby out of a high rise window (2001)
3 Jimmy Page 3 Ted Nugent threathens the president's life by stating that if Obama is reelected, that he will either be dead or in jail after the election.(2012)
4 Neil Young 4 Sid Vicious stabs his girlfriend Nancy Spungeno multiple times, killing her. (in 1978)
5 David Gilmour 5 Anytime when any Rocker accepts a knighthood.
6 Stephen Stills (tied for 6th with... 5 Hell breaks lose while The Stones play Altamont after they hire Hells Angels to provide security (1969)
6 Steve Howe 5 Michael Jackson sleeps with little boys, says 'it's a beautiful thing to do', and he ends up being sued by 2 of them for abuse.
8 Ian Anderson (tied for 8th) 8 Axl Rose jumps off stage and beats up a fan who took a photo of him, then storms off refusing to sing anymore because of it, ending the show. (1991)
8 John Lennon (tied for 8th) 8 Greg Allman squeals like a pig and rats on his friend/manager John Herring in court to save his own neck, leading to a 75 year prison sentence for Herring (1976)
Mick Taylor (tied for 8th)
Paul McCartney (tied for 8th)
10 Elvis asks President Nixon if he could be a drug enforcement officer while he himself was a drug addict. Nixon agrees and gives him a DOA badge. (1970)



The best false start to a Rock n Roll song (Results from a poll taken the week of Jaunuary 11, 2016) The best false ending to a rock song (Results from a poll taken the week of February 8, 2016)
1 Maggie May - Rod Stewart 1 Helter Skelter - The Beatles
2 Bob Dylan's 115th Dream - Bob Dylan (tied with 2 A Day in the Life - The Beatles
2 Get Back - The Beatles (album version only) (tie) 3 Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles
2 I'm Looking Through You - The Beatles (North American version) (tie) 4 Shout - The Isley Brothers
5 Cowgirl In The Sand - Neil Young 5 2000 Light Years from Home - The Rolling Stones
6 Roll Over Beethoven - Electric Light Orchestra 6 Hello Goodbye - The Beatles (tied with..
7 Dig a Pony - the Beatles  (tied with... 6 November Rain - Guns N' Roses (tied with..
7 Old Time Rock & Roll - Bob Seger (tie) 6 Piggies - The Beatles (tie)
9 Andy Warhol - David Bowie 9 Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young
10 Mother - John Lennon 10 Cry - Godley and Creme



Band that featured the best 3-part harmony  (Results from a poll taken the week of February 14, 2016) Rock song with the best Vocal Harmony in it (Results from a poll taken the week of April 25, 2016)
1 The Beatles � John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison 1 Because - The Beatles
2 Crosby, Stills, & Nash - David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash 2 Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
3 The Bee Gees � Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb 3 America - Simon & Garfunkel
4 The Beach Boys - Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Mike Love (plus other combos) (tied with... 4 California Dreamin� - The Mamas and the Papas (tied w/...
4 The Byrds � Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, David Crosby (tied with... 4 Nowhere Man - The Beatles (tie)
4 The Supremes - Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard 6 Marrakesh Express - Crosby, Stills, & Nash (tie with...
7 The Eagles - Don Henley, Glen Frey, Randy Meisner (plus other combos) 6 Please Please Me - The Beatles (tie)
8 Fleetwood Mac - Lindsay Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie (plus other combos) 6 Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones (tie)
9 Sly and the Family Stone - Sly Stone, Freddie Stone, Rose Stone (plus other combos) (tied with... 6 Suite Judy Blue Eyes - Crosby, Stills, & Nash (tie)
9 The Monkees - Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, (and either Peter Tork or Michael Nesmith) 10 Sounds Of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel (tied with...
Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young



Of bands named after a band member (or vice versa), the best name is:  (Results from a poll taken the week of May 9, 2016) Of  bands named after a person who wasn't in the group, which name was best? (Results from a poll taken the week of May 9, 2016)
1 Sly and the Family Stone - named after band leader Sly Stone and his silbings Rose and Freddie Stone 1 Lynyrd Skynyrd - named to mock the band's redneck, high school gym teacher, Leonard Skinner
2 Alice Cooper - Singer Alice Cooper took his name from the band's name 2 Alice Cooper - name taken from a character on the TV show Mayberry R.F.D. (played by Alice Ghostley)
3 Fleetwood Mac - named after drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie (tied with... 3 Jefferson Airplane -named in part after blues pioneer Blind Lemon Jefferson
3 Guns N' Roses - Officially named after 2 bands a few members were preiously in, Axl Rose's name was used in 1 of those bands 4 Pink Floyd - name is derived from the names of 2 blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council (tied with...
5 Derek and the Dominos - 'Derek' was a nickname given to Eric Clapton when he played for Delaney & Bonnie (tied with... 4 The Brian Jonestown Massacre - named in part after The Rolling Stones' late founder and guitarist, Brian Jones
5 Thundererclap Newman - named after pianiest Andy 'Thundererclap' Newman 6 Creedence Clearwater Revival - named in part after guritarist (and then lead singer) Tom Fogerty's friend, Credence Nubal (tied with...
7 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - named after members David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young 6 Jethro Tull - named after the 18th-century agriculturist, the late Jethro Tull
8 Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs - named after singer/songwriter Domingo 'Sam' Samudio 8 Thin Lizzy - named arter a robot character 'Tin Lizzy', from the comic The Dandy (tied with...
9 The Jimi Hendrix Experience - named after lead vocalist/guitarist Jimi Hendrix 8 Uriah Heep - named after the fictional character created by Charles Dickens in his novel David Copperfield
10 ABBA - Acronym for the first names of the band members: Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny, and Anni 10 Guns N' Roses - named in part after L.A. Guns member Tracii Guns  (tied with...
Molly Hatchet - named after a notorious prostitute named Molly, who allegedly mutilated and decapitated her clients.


The best Doo-Wop songs ever made  (Results from a poll taken the week of May 30, 2016) Of the rock songs where the title isn't in the lyrics, which title works best for the song? (Results from a poll taken the week of June 27, 2016)
1 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (aka Awimbawe) - The Tokens 1 Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones
2 At the Hop - Danny & The Juniors 2 A Day In The Life - The Beatles
3 The Book of Love - The Monotones 3 Let it Bleed - The Rolling Stones
4 Blue Moon - The Marcels  (tied with.. 4 Legend of a Mind - The Moody Blues  (tied with..
4 Why Do Fools Fall in Love - Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers 4 Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles
6 Duke of Earl - Gene Chandler 6 Desperado - Alice Cooper Group (tied with..
7 A Teenager in Love - Dion & The Belmonts  (tied with.. 6 For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield
7 Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) - The Penguins 6 Lean Woman Blues - T-Rex
9 Only You (And You Alone) - The Platters  (tied with.. 6 Roadhouse Blues - The Doors
9 Yakety Yak - The Coasters 6 The Ballad of John and Yoko - The Beatles
The Weight - The Band


The best rock song with Bagpipes in it  (Results from a poll taken the week of July 4, 2016) The most freaky looking Classic Rock band (Results from a poll taken the week of Aug 15, 2016)
1 Sky Pilot - Eric Burdon & the Animals 1 Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention
2 It�s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock �n� Roll) - AC/DC 2 KISS
3 Mull of Kintyre - Paul McCartney & Wings 3 Alice Cooper (the band)
4 Rythm of My Heart - Rod Stewart 4 The New York Dolls
5 Back in the High Life Again - Steve Winwood 5 The Spiders from Mars (tied for 5th)
6 Come Talk to Me - Peter Gabriel 5 Twisted Sister (tied for 5th)
7 Biko - Peter Gabriel  (tied with.. 7 Sweet
7 Morning Dew - Jeff Beck 8 The Grateful Dead
7 The Third Hoorah - Jethro Tull 9 The Beatles
7 Tomorrow - U2 10 Slade



The most stoned out rockers  (Results from a poll taken the week of Aug 22, 2016) The best anti-drug rock song made by a rocker? (Results from a poll taken the week of Aug 28, 2016)
1 Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd 1 Cold Turkey - John Lennon
2 Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones 2 The Pusher - Steppenwolf
3 Jim Morrison of the Doors 3 Needle and the Damage Done - Neil Young
4 Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones 4 Kicks - Paul Revere & the Raiders
5 David Crosby of the Byrds and CSNY 5 Sam Stone - John Prine
6 Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath 6 Everything Put Together Falls Apart - Paul Simon
7 Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols 7 That Smell - Lynrd Skynyrd
8 Jimi Hendrix 8 Medicine Jar - Wings
9 Any of the Romones (tied for 9th with... 9 Captain Jack - Billy Joel
9 Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane 10 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) - Rolling Stones


The best uncredited or under-credited rock musicians and singers  (Results from a poll taken the week of Sept 5, 2016) Rock's best backup bands of all time (Results from a poll taken the week of Sept 12, 2016)
1 Derek St. Holmes - Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist for Ted Nugent 1 The E Street Band (Bruce Springsteen)
2 Dick Wagner - Guitarist - for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Aerosmith, KISS, and others 2 Booker T & The MGs (Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, others)
3 Ellen Foley - Co-lead Vocalist on Meat Loaf's 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light' (tied w/ 3 Crazy Horse (Neil Young)
3 Glen Campbell - Guitarist - Bobby Darin, Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley, the Monkees, and many other acts (tie) 4 The Wrecking Crew (Various artists)
3 The Funk Brothers - Session band playing on so many different Motown hits (tie) 5 The Band (Bob Dylan)
3 Wrecking Crew - Session band playing on so many different hits including Wall of Sound hits (tie) 6 The Silver Bullet Band (Bob Seger)
7 Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section (aka The Swampers) - Session band playing on over 100 hits 7 Full Tilt Boggie Band (Janis Joplin)
8 Rod Stewart - Vocalist - on first 2 Jeff Beck solo albums 8 Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section (aka The Swampers) (Various artists) (tied w/
9 James Jamerson - Bassist - for Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, The Four Tops, others 8 The Elton John Band (classic band from 1970 to '75) (Elton John)
9 Steve Hunter - Guitarist - for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Aerosmith, Mitch Ryder, others 10 The Bluesbreakers (John Mayall) (tied w/
The Funk Brothers (Various artists)



Most interesting or clever subliminal message (aka Backmasking/aka Backwards lyrics) in a song? (Results from a poll taken the week of October 17, 2016) Singer with the best voice for singing heavy metal music (Results from a poll taken the week of October 31, 2016)
1 'The music is reversible, but time is not. Turn back!' - Fire On High - Electric Light Orchestra 1 Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)
2 'Turn me on, dead man' - Revolution #9 - The Beatles 2 Bon Scott (AC/DC)
3 Paul is dead man, miss him, miss him, miss him - I�m So Tired - The Beatles 3 Ian Gillan (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath)
4 'Congratulations/You've just discovered the secret message/Please send your answer to Old Pink, care of the funny farm' - Empty Spaces - Pink Floyd 4 James Hetfield (Metallica)
5 'It�s fun to smoke marijuana'- Another One Bites The Dust - Queen 5 Ronnie James Dio (Black Sabbath, Dio, Rainbow)
6 'It doesn't take a genius to tell the difference between chickenshit and chickensalad' - No Anchovies, Please - J. Geils Band 6 Alice Cooper(Alice Cooper, solo)
7 'She's got the rhythm of love' - White Lightning - Def Leppard (tied with... 7 Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath, solo)
7 'Your mother sells whelks in Hull' - Bloodbath In Paradise - Ozzy Osbourne 8 Joe Elliott (Def Leppard)
9 'Turned out nice again' - Free as a Bird - The Beatles 9 Lemmy (Mot�rhead)
10  'You will never stifle our free speech in any country in the world �coz we will fight forever' - Nightmare - Motorhead 10 Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses)
- tied with -
Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot)



The best ever sung rock song (Results from a poll taken the week of Jan 2, 2017) The best G�iro, Jawbone or Vibraslap played in a rock song (Results from a poll taken the week of Jan 9, 2017)
1 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen - Lead Freddie Mercury/Operatic vocals Mercury/R. Taylor/B. May 1 Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones - G�iro by Jimmy Miller
2 Twist and Shout - The Beatles - Lead sung by John Lennon 2 Oye Como Va - Santana - G�iro by Michael Carabello
3 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel - Sung by Art Garfunkel 3 Feeling Alright - Joe Cocker - Vibraslap by Laudir de Oliveira  (tied w...
4 A Day in the Life - The Beatles - Main lead sung by John Lennon (tied w... 3 The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys - Traffic - Vibraslap by Jim Capaldi  (tie)
4 Because - The Beatles - Sung by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison 5 Spill the Wine - Eric Burdon & War - G�iro by Dee Allen
6 Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones - Lead sung by Mick Jagger; Harmony by Brian Jones (tied w... 6 Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy - Elton John - Jawbone by Ray Cooper
6 You�ve Lost That Lovin� Feelin� - Righteous Brothers - Lead Bill Medley/Harmony Bobby Hatfield 7 All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix - Vibraslap by Brian Jones
8 Summertime - Sung by Janis Joplin (tied w... 8 Combination of the Two - Big Brother & The Holding Co - G�iro by Janis Joplin
8 Your Song - Sung by Elton John 9 Green Tambourine - The Lemon Pipers - Vibraslap by R. G. Nave  (tied w...
10 Me and Bobby McGee - Sung by Janis Joplin
Rocket Man - All vocals sung by Elton John
Teach Your Children - CSNY, Sung by Graham Nash, David Crosby, Stephen Stills
With a Little Help from my Friends - Lead sung by Joe Cocker (5 way tie for 10th)
9 Under the Boardwalk - The Rolling Stones - Jawbone by Brian Jones (tie)



The best Harpsichord, Clavinet or Harmonium played in a rock song (Results from a poll taken the week of Jan 16, 2017) The best put-down Rock songs made (Results from a poll taken the week of Jan 23, 2017)
1 Piggies - The Beatles - Harpsichord by Chris Thomas 1 Positively 4th St - Bob Dylan
2 Karn Evil 9 - Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Harpsichord by Keith Emerson 2  Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
3 Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! - The Beatles - Harmonium by George Martin (tied for 3rd) 3 Idiot Wind - Bob Dylan
3 Dandelion - The Rolling Stones - Harpsichord by Brian Jones (tie for 3rd) 4 You're So Vain - Carly Simon
3 We Can Work It Out - The Beatles - Harmonium by John Lennon (tie for 3rd) 5 American Woman - The Guess Who (tie)
6 Superstition - Stevie Wonder - Clavinet by Stevie Wonder 5 How Do You Sleep - John Lennon (tie)
7 Love Me Two Times - The Doors - Harpsichord by Ray Manzarek 7 Stupid Girl - The Rolling Stones
8 For Your Love - The Yardbirds - Harpsichord by Brian Auger 8 God Save The Queen - The Sex Pistols
9 Citadel - The Rolling Stones - Harpsichord by Brian Jones 9 Reelin� In The Years - Steely Dan (3 way tie for 9th, w/
10 Outa-Space - Billy Preston - Clavinet by Billy Preston 9 Sexy Sadie - The Beatles (tie)
Sweet Neo Con - The Rolling Stones (tie)



The best Rock song about the telephone, or about calling somebody on the phone (Results from a poll taken the week of Jan 30, 2017) The best rock song written about or directed towards politicians? (Results from a poll taken the week of Feb 6, 2017)
1 Memphis Tennessee - Chuck Berry 1 Taxman - The Beatles
2 Rikki Don't Lose That Number - Steely Dan 2 Masters of War - Bob Dylan
3 Beechwood 45789 - The Marvelettes 3 Gimme Some Truth - John Lennon
4 Operator - Jim Croce (tied for 4th w/ 4 Chicago - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
4 Telephone Line - Electric Light Orchestra 5 God Save the Queen - The Sex Pistols
6 Don't Call Us, We'll Call You - Sugarloaf 6 Sweet Neo Con - The Rolling Stones
7 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC 7 Land of Confusion - Genesis
8 867-5309 (Jenny) - Tommy Tutone 8 Piggies - The Beatles
9 Happy Together - The Turtles (tied for 9th w/ 9 Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues - Bob Dylan
9 I Just Called to Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder
If I Needed Someone - The Beatles (tie)
10 John Sinclair - John Lennon


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