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(AKA Double Entendre Songs)

The songs listed here have lyrics that contain double (or more) meanings to them. In some cases these songs really were only written with just one true meaning in mind, but the songwriters had to know that their lyrics had a double meaning to them, too. Some of these songs have been explained as to what they really mean, and when the real, true meaning to the song is known, it will be mentioned and pointed out. Also, for some of these songs, the lyric is only a play on words. Plus note, this list doesn't include misheard lyrics (go here for that list), or songs/lyrics that are misunderstood in their meaning. A few lyrics listed below are not true double meanings, but are only listed because a large number of people believe that they are. Such songs will be pointed out. Finally, it seems that most rock songs which have a double meaning to them, usually are either about drugs, or sex (the true meaning of a double entendre song). So if you rather not read such lyrics, there are another 265 plus pages to visit on this Classic Rock Site, please do check them out now instead! 

Along Comes Mary - The Association - Key Double Lyric of song: "And then along comes Mary, and does she want to give me kicks, and be my steady chick" (1) Mary is a nice girl the song's writer met (this was the line/lie fed to radio stations by the Association's record company back in the '60s, so the song wouldn't get banned); (2) Main/real meaning: "Mary" is slang for marijuana, and that is what the song is about, smoking weed.

American Pie - Don McLean - Key Double Lyrics of song: "Bye, bye Miss American Pie" and "The birds flew off with a fallout shelter, eight miles high and falling fast" (1) McLean purposely spelled "birds" "b-i-r-d-s" to confuse, even if he meant the band "The Byrds". The song is full of clues about different rockers and their songs; (2) "American Pie" in the song is use to describe the death of music in general (not apple pie), which according to McLean, started after the death of singer Buddy Holly.

Back Door Man - The Doors - Key Triple Lyric of song:"I'm your backdoor man, the men don't know, but the little girls understand" (1) Having an affair with a married woman. In this case the "back door man" is meant as a person who is sneaking around and "using the back door" when visiting the lady in question so nobody knows of his visits (or, his exiting the home fast by the back door, while her husband came home unexpectedly - through the front door); (2) Having anal sex; (3) Having sex with underage girls. In this case, the lyric:"I eat more chicken than any man ever seen" seems to cover this, as "chicken" is sex slang referring to children under the legal age of sexual consent.

Behind Blue Eyes - The Who - Key Double Lyric of song: "No one knows what it's like to be the bad man, to be the sad man behind blue eyes" (1) The song is about a lonely man and his sad life (2) The song was written by Pete Townshend, who has blue eyes, and is about how he is seeing things in life through (or behind) his own two eyes.

Big Balls - AC/DC - Key Triple Lyric of song: "Some balls are held for charity, and some for fancy dress, but when they're held for pleasure, they're the balls that I like best". (1) "Big balls" means both holding and attending  gatherings for social dancing; (2) Main/real meaning, one: "Big balls" are referring to the man's testicles; (3) Main/real meaning, two: "Big balls" is referring to wild sex orgies that are held.

Big Ten Inch (Record) - Aerosmith - Key Double Lyric of song: "But I really get her going, when I whip out my big 10 inch.......     record of a band that plays the blues" (1) Yes, "big ten inch" refers to old vinyl records; (2) But,  "big ten inch" is a play on words - about the size of his penis.

Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison - Key Double Lyric of song:"Slipping and a-sliding..... with you, my brown-eyed girl" (1) "Brown eyed girl" is drug slang for brown heroin and the song is about the love for the drug."slipping and a sliding" is a description of using a needle for injection..... But if you know how the song was first written and titled* by Morrision, then that isn't likely; (2) Main/real meaning: The song is about a interracial relationship, a white guy making love to his black girlfriend. *Note: The original title was "Brown Skinned Girl", but because the song was being released in the 1960s, Morrision's new record company made him rewrite the song so radio stations wouldn't have a problem with the song's story of an interracial relationship (a big deal back then). The song ended up being banned by some stations anyway for the lyric "Making love in the green grass".

Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones - Key Triple Lyric of song: "Brown sugar, how come you taste so good!" (1) About making it with black slaves in the US South during the days of slavery; (2) Song is also about using heroin, as "brown sugar" is drug slang for brown heroin; (3) "Brown sugar" also is: Unrefined sugar that still retains some molasses, which gives it a brownish color. Note: The song isn't about this kind of sugar, however, some of the lyrics are written as a play on words to that meaning, and therefore suggesting that it could also mean this, too.

Captain Jack - Billy Joel - Key Double Lyric of song: "Captain Jack will get you high tonight" (1) "Captain Jack" was the name of an actual drug dealer; (2) Main/real meaning: "Captain Jack" was drug slang used for heroin or other illegal drugs (according to Billy Joel).

Cat Scratch Fever - Ted Nugent - Double Lyric of song: "She gives me cat scratch fever" (1) A play on words to cat scratch fever disease, a disease transmitted by cat scratches and bites, or exposure to cat saliva... and .... "I make the pussy purr with the stroke of my hand" (1) Petting a cat; (2) Main/real meaning to both lyrics: A guy sexually in love with all the females that he meets.

Cracklin' Rosie - Neil Diamond - Key Double Lyric of song: "Cracklin' Rose, you're a store bought woman" (1) A prostitute named "Rosie"; (2) Main/real meaning: Getting drunk on cheap wine.

Cum on Feel the Noise - Slade - Key Double Lyric of song: "Come on feel the noise, girls rock your boys" (1) Get down and dance to the music; (2) Having hot sex.

Daniel - Elton John - Key Double Lyric of song:"Daniel my brother, you are older than me, do you still feel the pain, of the scars that won't heal" (1) About two gay lovers who have broken up. Note: Some people figured it was about this since it was sung by a gay man. However, the song's lyrics were written by Bernie Taupin, who isn't gay, and he has said that the song isn't about that; so this isn't a true double lyric; (2) Main/real meaning: Written about a wounded Viet Nam vet who is missed by his brother and is leaving the US after his return from the war to go live in Spain, the reason his brother is still missing him.

Eight Miles High - The Byrds - Key Double Lyric of song: "Eight miles high and when you touch down, you'll find that it's stranger than known" (1) Flying in an airplane to a place the writer never been before; (2) Flying high (being stoned) on marijuana and then coming down from the drug.

Gimme Back My Bullets - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Key Triple Lyric of song: "Gimme back, gimme back my bullets, oh put 'em back where they belong" (1) A person who wishes to reload his gun (2) A person out of luck looking to start over again (3) Main/real meaning: Gary Rossington, who co-wrote the song explained that the bullets are not ammunition at all. It's about the bullets Billboard uses in their charts to signify a song is moving quickly up the chart. If a song is "#10 with a bullet," that means it's at #10 this week but will probably rise up higher next week. Rossington wrote the song after seeing another of Skynyrd's songs chart without a bullet, and then slip off the chart too fast.

Given The Dog A Bone - AC/DC - Key Double Lyric of song: "I'm justa giving the dog a bone"  (1) Play on words about giving a pet dog a bone to eat; (2) Main/real meaning: Having oral sex with a whore.

Happiness Is A Warm Gun - The Beatles - Key Triple Lyric of song: "Happiness, is a warm gun, bang bang shot shoot!" (1) The "warm gun" is a firearm, such as a revolver, after being discharged; (2) A "warm gun" means  the person just shot up heroin with a needle; (3) Main/real meaning: It's about love making. The "warm gun" is the male penis.

Happy - Rolling Stones - Key Double Lyric of song: "I need a love to keep me happy!" (1) Love makes one feel very happy indeed; (2) The song was written by Keith Richards for is ex-wife Anita. So there is a play on words here, with Keith also singing: "Anita love to keep me happy".

Hey Jude - The BeatlesKey Double Lyric of song: "The minute you let her under your skin then you begin to make it better".  For years most Beatle fans believed this song was about heroin addiction, and "letting her under your skin" was about shooting up H. That wasn't the case. The song, written by Paul McCartney, was written for John Lennon's preteen son Julian, after his parents broke up. Perhaps the false story about it being about H was because McCartney never told anybody for years, other then John, what the song was really about. Anyway, this is not a true double meaning lyric.

Horse With No Name - America - Key Triple Lyric of song: "I've been through the desert on a horse with no name" (1) To some, a silly song about being with a nameless horse in some desert; (2) To others, a very intelligently written song about heroin addiction and the effects the drug has on the body. Note: "Horse" is drug slang for heroin. (3) Dewey Bunnell, who wrote the song, was an Army brat, and as a child he lived in several southwestern US desert cities for short periods of time because of his father's work.

Hotel California - The Eagles - Key Triple Lyric of song:"Welcome to the Hotel California, such a lovely place, such a lovely face, plenty of room at the Hotel California, any time of year, you can find it here" (1) About a visit to a whore house; (2) About going to a place where drugs are always available; (3) Main/real meaning: Song and its lyrics are about living life to the extreme or living in emotional excess.

Hot Jelly Roll Blues - Hot Tuna - Key Double Lyric of song: "Now I'm wild about my jelly, 'bout my sweet jelly roll, When you taste my jelly, you wanna take me right home" (1) A jelly roll is a cake made from sponge cake, spread with jam or jelly and rolled up; (2) Main/real meaning: In this case, his "jelly roll" is his penis.

I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier - John Lennon - Key Double Lyric of song: "Oh No! On No! On No!" (1) There are many things listed in the song as to what John is saying "no" to (i.e. he don't wannna die in a war); (2) John is simply calling out to his wife, Yoko Ono: "Ono, Ono, Ono, Ono".

I'm a King Bee - Covered by various artists (written by Slim Harpo aka James Isaac Moore) Key Double Lyric of song: "Well I'm a king bee baby, buzzing around your hive, yeah I can make honey baby, let me come inside" (1) A bee making honey in the hive; (2) Main/real meaning: A man wanting to make it with a woman.

Legs - ZZ Top - Key Double Lyric of song: "She got legs, she knows how to use them". (1) About a woman who has strength and confidence in herself; (2) The sexual attraction of a woman's legs.

Let it Be - The Beatles - Key Triple Lyric of song: "When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be." (1) "Mother Mary" is a refence to Jesus' mother, the Virgin Mary, and she comes to him in pray to help him with his troubles; (2) It is well known that "Mary" is slang for marijuana, and that the song's writer, Paul McCartney, is fond of the drug. So "Mother Mary" means smoking weed to get past any troubles in his life; (3) Main/real meaning: "Mary" was the name of Paul's mother, who died when he was a child. Paul said he dreamed of her one night and she said to him in the dream to: "Let it be".

Let It Bleed - Rolling Stones - Key Double Lyric of song: "Yeah, we all need someone we can bleed on" (1) "Let it bleed" is a takeoff of drug slang for finding a vein and then shooting up heroin into it. Explanation: The more one shoots up drugs, the harder it is to find an open vein for the next fix (since they collapse over time from shooting up too much). When a vein is finally found by poking a needle in the body several times - and blood finally appears, that is know as "letting it bleed"; (2) Main/real meaning: Song is about being able to count on one's lover.

Moonlight Mile - Rolling Stones - Key Double Lyric of song: "I'm just about a moonlight mile on down the road" (1) He is a traveler who is missing his loved one at home. Both he and his lover can see the same full moon at night, even though they are far away from each other, so they're a "moonlight mile" away from each other.; (2) A "moonlight mile" is drug slang for snorting cocaine at night (in this case, while missing his lover who is gone).

Pearl Necklace - ZZ Top - Key Double Lyric of song: "She wanna pearl necklace"  (1) An ornament worn around the neck made of pearls; (2) Main/real meaning: The sexual act of a male ejaculating onto (but not into) a female (usually on the upper chest or around the neck, thus resembling a necklace).

Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul and Mary - Since it's release, some have claimed this song was about smoking marijuana. For example, there are several so called double meanings to the song: The word "paper" in the name of Puff's human friend (Jackie Paper) was said to be a reference to rolling papers, and the word "dragon" was interpreted as "draggin'" (inhaling smoke); similarly, the name "Puff" was alleged to be a reference to taking a "puff" on a joint. Of course, nobody takes a "puff" on a joint (you take a "hit", or "toke" on a joint), and the song's authors have flat out said the song is only about a little boy who grows up and no longer plays with his favorite toy anymore. Therefore, there are no true double meaning lyrics in this song.

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - Bob Dylan - Key Triple Lyric of song: "Everybody must get stoned" (1) That everybody will get treated wrong sometime in their lives; (2) Main/real meaning, one: About getting stoned (high) on marijuana; (3) Main/real meaning, two: Comes from both Bible stories and about the mistreatment of women in Islamic countries who are subject to stoning for some of the most insane reasons.

Red Neck Friend (aka Redneck Friend) - Jackson Browne - Key Double Lyric of song: "Honey let me introduce you to my redneck friend" (1) To introduce her to a friend who is a redneck from a southern U.S. state (some have insisted the friend is musician Gregg Allman). (2) His "red neck friend" is his penis. When the song first came out on the LP, For Everyman, it was titled "Red Neck Friend" since the song wasn't about a redneck. But when the single was released, Jackson was forced to change the title to "Redneck Friend" by his record company, so it could only mean such a person and not his member.

Rocks Off - Rolling Stones - (A) Key Triple Lyric of song:"Plug in, flush out and fire the fuckin' feed" (1) Describing the action of a male during the act of sexual intercourse; (2) Plugging your guitar into its amp and playing away. (3) Shooting up heroin into one's body. AND (B) Key Double Lyric of song: "Kick me like you've kicked before, I can't even feel the pain no more". (1) The heroin that was just taken is just starting  to take effect on the junkie's body. (2) One sex partner talking to the other about the S&M sex they are having.

Salesman - The Monkees - Key Double Lyric of song: "There goes salesman, and he's sailing high again" (1) This song is simply about an old time, everyday salesman, who sells his goods on the street instead of in a store; (2) This salesman is a drug dealer - selling his goods on the street - and also consuming some of them.

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel - Key Double Lyric of song: "A bottle of red, a bottle of white, it all depends upon your appetite". (1) The choice is, do you want white wine, or red wine, and the choice comes down to what food you are ordering for dinner. (2) The "appetite" in this case is an appetite for drugs, the bottle of "red" is barbiturate pills, the bottle of white is cocaine.

Sky Pilot - The Animals - Key Triple Lyrics of song: "Sky pilot, how high can you fly, you'll never, never, ever reach the sky" (1) Taking a trip on LSD while the hallucinates make the user feel like they are soaring high in the sky.(2) During the Viet Nam war, some of the drafted US soldiers took hallucinates and did other drugs, their only escape from the war. They are the "sky pilots" the song is talking about. (3) Real meaning: A preacher is the sky pilot. He talks and prays to a group of soldiers during a war (the Viet Nam war was raging at the time of the song's release), just before they leave for a deadly battle. He tells them that they are "Soldiers of God " and "May God give you strength, do your job real well". Yet while they fight and die, he stays behind and meditates. The lyrics point to the fact that even if he is a holy man, he will never make it to heaven ("you'll never, never, ever reach the sky") because he is really just a hypocrite. The real clue to this comes in this song's final lyrics: "In the morning they return, with tears in their eyes, the stench of death drifts up to the skies, a young soldier so ill looks at the sky pilot, remembers the words: 'Thou shall not kill'"

Squeeze Box - The Who - Key Double Lyrics of song: "Mama's got a squeeze box she wears on her chest, when Daddy comes home he never gets no rest" (1) For those who want to think of the song being dirty, the "squeeze box" is mama's breasts; (2) Main/real meaning: Playing an accordion.

Suffragette City - David Bowie - Key Double Lyric of song: "Henry, don't be unkind, go away (hey man), I can't take you this time, no way (hey man), droogie don't crash here, there's only room for one and here she comes, here she comes" (1) A guy is kicking out his friend so he can make it with a hot chick who is visiting; (2) Same meaning as (1) except the guy is bisexual and is kicking out his male lover for a fling with a female; (3) Unlikely meaning: "Henry" is used as a drug slang word for heroin, and the dude isn't willing to share his drug fix with his roommate.

Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams - Key Double Lyric of song: "Me and my baby in 69" (1) The two of them together in the year 1969; (2) "69" is slang for different oral sex positions in which two people simultaneously perform oral sex on each other. Note: Adams was a preteen in 1969; when asked if what he wrote was really about the sex act, since he wasn't of age (or in a band yet, which also comes up in the song), he reportedly was quoted as saying he wrote it: "So I could get away with singing the last line of the song on the radio. Me and my baby in 69."

The Fez - Steely Dan - Key Double Lyric of song: "No I'm never gonna do it without the fez on, oh no " (1) The word "fez" is used in this song as a euphemism for a condom. (2) Real meaning: "Fez" normally refers to a hat. 

The Jack - AC/DC - Key Double Lyric of song: "She's got the jack, she's got the jack" (1) They are playing poker; (2) Main/real meaning: She has the clap.

Ticket to Ride - The Beatles - Key Triple Lyric of song: "She's got a ticket to ride" (1) His girlfriend is leaving and she has a ticket to board a bus or a train; (2) His girlfriend is leaving him and she is heading to Ryde, England; (3) Describes health cards indicating a clean bill of health carried by Hamburg, Germany prostitutes (where the Beatles lived in the early '60s) with "ride" in this case meaning slang for having (or about to have) sex.

Tube Snake Boggie - ZZ Top - Key Triple Lyric of song: "She do the tube snake boogie, well now boogie little baby, boogie woogie all night long" (1) About getting down and dancing; (2) Riding a surfboard; (3) Main/real meaning: About a gal having sex with a guy

Walkin' the Dog - Covered by various artists (written by Rufus Thomas) - Key Quadruple Lyric of song: "If you don't know how to do it, I'll show you how to walk the dog" (1) Taking your pet for a walk; (2) A common yo-yo trick; (3) Main/real meaning 1: When a guy gets a girl to fondle his penis; (4) Main/real meaning 2: A female performing oral sex on her boyfriend (fellatio).

You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC - Key Double Lyric of song:"She told me to come but I was already there" (1) The gal wants him to drop by and see her; (2) The word "come" is being spelled in this way to confuse, as it should really be spelled "c u m", as in getting off sexually.








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