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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Polls - check out our 1st poll!
Date: Monday, February 12, 2024
Time: 1:22:22 AM
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RE: Polls - check out our 1st poll!

Hey Gomper! To answer your questions, first, yes, you're right, 1,278 weeks is 24.5 years.... The weeks are correct, as I never missed a beat in adding them up when they run. But no, the weeks aren't consecutive, either - but they almost are! Last January, well, that being January of 2023, was the first time in a light year that I missed a week of polling, as I was in the hospital in critical condition (on the first day there, anyway), after being rushed to the emergency room, after my friend called 911, as my lungs were dying, and to make a long story short, this happened on a Wednesday, so there was no polls running for that next week (as I hadn't been released yet), and there almost were no polls running for the next week, but I think I still ran one poll in that following week as I slowly recovered. I can also recall 21 years ago - the weekend in November that I moved into this house that I'm still in today (the longest home I've lived in anywhere in my entire life), well, no polls ran that week. I knew the move would get into my way that weekend, so I programed three polls to startup on their own for that Sunday nite, before I moved, but I didn't get my internet service to my new home setup until a few days after I moved in here - and found out that my host's server died on the day I moved. While that host worked fast and had the domain on a new server by that Monday afternoon, I didn't know what had happened until mid week, so for that week, there were also no polls running on the domain. Other than those 2 times, I believe those were the only 2 weeks the polls were missed.

But, when did they start? Well, they started up in November/December of 1998, but on a CGI polling system, that was ended in March of 1999, and then in the first week of April, this new (now very old) polling system took over. At that time, I started over with numbering the weeks, as I for sure made that April week, week 1 (as it shows in the poll archives today). So the numbers you see today are for this ASP polling program only, but still, we are up to 1,278 weeks. But, FYI, that first weekly poll asked "Who Is Your Favorite Member Of The Rolling Stones?", and it saw 176 votes cast for that new Stones Poll #1! You can view the results from week 1, here: Stone Poll, Week 1. Figures that the first poll we voted on - ended in a tie for first place! But damn, did we come a long way in the vote count since then! Plus no, I have never repeated a question in these polls in all of the weeks/years that I have run the polls, and that goes for all of the weekly polls for the Beatles, and the now closed Rock polls, too!

Now, about the Polls and the connection to old Gasland. Gasland was on fire since the day it re-opened for good in the first week of January, 1999. It had first opened in the first week of November, 1998, on a different operation system, with not a lot of posts, but still a good number, but the problems hit that board and I got a new one to replace it when 1999 started out, and we never looked back, and Gasland became the first successful privately owned and run Stones board on the Net, long before such a thing was even called "social media". Yep, we were started before even Facebook, and all of the others! Yet, it took a bit to get the polls to be as popular as the board was, but in time the polls became very popular, too, after I half begged the new Gassers to vote in the polls! Today of course, Gasland is long closed (yes, it still says it's Gasx3 up on top, but, if you read what is stated there today it notes that this is "MESSAGE BOARD ARCHIVES/WEEKLY ROCK POLL POST", it's no longer Gasland, other than for Gasx3's archives, it's today officially called "The Poll Board", and no more than that, with only a few allowed to still post today, about 12 of you in total, and up until early last year, we had what, 5 or 6 still posting? But while I half wondered if the polls would die out after closing down Gasx3 for good, well, those fears never happened, and the vote count actually went up just a bit since!

I'm trying very hard to keep these last 2 weekly polls going, and if I have to stop them, well, it won't be because of a lack of voters showing up week in and week out! You voters have been flat out great and you give me the strength to keep the polls running, even if I haven't totally recovered from last year's illness (I never will). But, how many times can I say "thank you" to you voters always showing up to vote? Well, if you folks don't mind hearing it and me writing it, then I'll just keep thanking you all for your voting each week - and for your support!


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