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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Gloomy or sad?
Date: Monday, October 11, 2021
Time: 2:18:27 AM
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RE: RE: Gloomy or sad?

Manny wrote:

Alot of gtreat sad songs listed but i believe the saddest one is what kenos looking for,not the best song.

No question we are not looking for the best song, but we're not just looking for the saddest song, either. We are looking for the gloomiest song! There is a difference between feeling sad and gloomy at least sometimes. While most or all gloomy people are also sad, not all sad persons are gloomy. One can be sad but still think that in time things will get better. So they aren't gloomy. But yes, some sad folks are sad and think things will get worst - and those are the ones who are both sad and gloomy. So in a way, gloomy is the worst way that a sad person can get.

About both the Clapton song (that you went with) and also the Led Zep song "All of My Love".... I almost didn't list either of them, since while they are both very sad indeed, being written by the Clapton and Robert Plant about their 2 sons who both died at age 5 - well you can't get sadder than that. But I almost didn't list either one since deep down I didn't feel the lyrics were that gloomy for either song. If anything, both fathers were being more so, positive about what they were facing. But then again, nothing is as terrible than the loss of a child, especially a preteen child. Could anything else cause gloom more so to a parent than such a thing? So that was why in the end I listed both songs, yet I'll add, I'm happy to see that neither song made it to the finial round.

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