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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Video poll/10+ (edited after posting)
Date: Monday, February 08, 2021
Time: 11:47:40 AM
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RE: Video poll/10+ (edited after posting)

The video in the second rock poll gets a 9. Great song, great performance. It gets knocked down one point for the lip synching.

I just had to remove what I first posted here to you for the video poll, since I was getting the weeks and videos mixed up. Yes, there was lip synching done here for sure for that video! But when I first commented, I thought you were writing about this week's video (since I only just read your reply today). Sorry 'bout that! But one thing about Todd when playing live, was he never lip synched, and that was why I was surprised you wrote that.... but you weren't writing about that video - since that video wasn't even being voted on yet, you wrote your reply about last week's poll!.... Please let me tell ya something that I know well today, since I started getting old... it's that it sucks when you start to lose your mind to old age, Ronnie!

The Beatles video gets an 8. There needs to be some wiggling room left here for higher ratings when the better songs come up in these polls.

First, you got to remember that we aren't rating songs in this poll, we are rating videos, and there's a major difference between the 2.

But since you bring up something totally true about rating songs, please let me address that.... Although I would never rate any 10 song lower than a 10 simply because there are other 10 songs better (yes, that can be), I have for years thought about what you write here. A few years after I start rating songs and albums, I was thinking of this myself and figured I could add a even higher rating than just a 10, that being a 10+. But the truth of the matter is, in all rating scales a 10 is always the highest rating and you can't go higher than that. But a plus next to the 10 would just mean it's an extra special song for the voter, even if there won't be any real difference in the rating overall. The song's rating would just stand out a bit more over the other tens. But then I got thinking this won't be fair to all of the other 10 songs and albums that our voters rated in the past before starting to use a 10 plus as a choice. It's like, if I finally started doing this, say next week, then a song like "Ruby Tuesday", or "Jumpin' Jack Flash" couldn't ever see a plus next to it's ten rating, since this practice wasn't in place from the start of all voting. That's why I never went ahead and did it on the rating scale for when we used to review and rate albums. Yet for my own ratings, from back when I was still reviewing LPs, I could go to each one of them and change any song that I felt was a 10+, and there's several of them I would change. But then again, I just rated too many songs and LPs to change them all now. So it's something that more than likely will never happen.

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