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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: unfinished tracks
Date: Friday, September 04, 2020
Time: 5:50:14 AM
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RE: unfinished tracks

Makes me wonder what else might be in the vaults for future re-issues.

There is a ton of interesting stuff, and we know this from the bootlegs out there.

I can imagine a IORR re-issue with a few new songs and another live show of the era

Funny how us fans are so much the same on some things and so different on other things.... Songs from live shows are what I could care less about. They might sound cool to hear once, but most of the time, that's it. We all know that the Stones best live stuff was enhanced in the studio with extra, studio guitars (etc) added in - so what's the use in even releasing such stuff if what you are hearing isn't even really live? That's just phony and something the Stones started doing before any other band did it. If they were really the greatest live rock band around, they didn't need to do that - and no, not all other bands did that, but sadly the Stones do it all the time.

The one thing I don't care to get on any band's "deluxe" re-release is unfinished tracks, or the original song but played slightly differently.

But unless you're listening to a band like Lynyrd Skynyrd live, that's what you get on live tracks, a song played differently.

As far as releasing "unfinished tracks", that's what was so interesting about many of the songs on the reissued Exile and SG LPs. Plus think of years ago, like on Tattoo You. We never would have heard or gotten to love a song like "Waiting on a Friend" had they had not worked on and finished up on that song years later, or other songs on that Lp like "Hang Fire" and "Start Me Up" were all unfinished songs from the vaults that they got back to and redid. That's exactly what was done on the EOMS reissue, Mick J, Charlie, and Bill reworked on all of those songs and they turned out great. Plus there's a few boots out there from past years of unfinished songs that they could release as it was left years ago and they still sound good. Like the boot from '68's Beggars Banquet sessions, "Stuck Out All Alone" (aka "Hamburger To Go"). That one should have been finished, it's a shame it never was, but it's still great to hear even as it is in it's unfinished state, or that one could be finished and be a great song. It was never finished, yet fans liked it as it was, very much! Heck, it's clear the guitar track played by Keith on that one was reused years later on the Some Girls LP (It was also only one of 2 songs where Brian was credited playing bass on, too, with Bill on the bongos).... . But they did that on several songs that were redone years later and ended up on other Lps, like "Get A Line On You", and there are so many others out there from the late '60s and early '70s just waiting to be worked on again (think "Hillside Blues", from '69!).

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