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Name: Keno
Subject: Poll Post for the week starting Monday, March 9
Date: Sunday, March 08, 2020
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Poll Post for the week starting Monday, March 9

It’s time to get this week’s 4 weekly polls underway, starting off with the Stones Poll, where we enter week 1,076. This week we ask: “Midnight Rambler” live, from 1972 Madison Square Garden, NYC concert vs “Midnight Rambler” live from 2012 Glastonbury Festival. Which live take is better?

First photo from 1972, second one from 2013

Last week we voted on something new, which was, putting the Stones live performances of their songs up against each other. When you are mainly out of really good poll questions to run (and after 1,076 weeks that's gonna happen), and you don't want to repeat and run old poll questions used even 20 years ago, well, you got to come up perhaps with a new series of questions that you hadn’t voted on yet. That's what last week’s kind of question can turn into, a new series of similar questions, that is, as long as fans like them and vote in them. We had an average turnout last week, so I guess the question in itself is at least good enough to go with for another week. So this week we will look at the Mick Taylor years of the Stones and put that era up against the modern day Stones - well, I think we can still call it the “modem day” Stones - since this show took place in 2013, just 7 years ago, plus good old MT himself was a guest for one song ("Midnight Rambler") at this show, held at the famous Glastonbury Festival in England.

While "Midnight Rambler" was recorded in the studio when Brian Jones was still alive and in the band (with less than 4 months for him left to live, he didn't play any guitar on this song and instead played the drums [along with Charlie], while Keith Richards played the guitars). Mick Taylor, who also didn't play on the song - but who played of course on so many classic Stones songs during his short time in the band, played the lead guitar on this tune at both live shows that we will rate this week. Yes, he even played this number for the '13 show, yet since they only allowed him to play on one song at this show; you would think they would have chosen a song that he recorded with the band instead. But the Glimmers work and Jagger runs the group in very strange ways sometimes, and that was the case here.

Anyway, since the '69 show had no full video made for it (parts of it was in the film Gimme Shelter, and it was first released on the Ya Ya's live LP), the '13 show does have a video of the performance - one that is linked to in the voting booth, whereas the link to the '69 show only shows the Ya Ya's album cover. So in all fairness to the '69 show, I suggest you first only listen to this video clip from the ’13 show without watching it, then after you decide which one you feel sounds better -- and only after you do that - then watch the video, since it is excellent indeed to see - but just seeing the band play live alone could sway your vote. So I know you will be better at making your pick by not being influenced by the film clip, since you can't be influence by any film for the one from the '69 show. Both performances are flat out great. Since I saw them play this live in '72 at MSG, Jagger back in that day did put on a better performance, especially for this song, yet I'm not saying he sang it any better back then, either, but yes, age plays a factor as time goes by to all of us. But since you can't see how he was reacting while performing at the ’69 show, and you can for the '13 concert, that's where the unfair advantage lies for the latter show.

As far as the band's playing goes for the '13 show, you just have to say if you are a long time hard-nosed fan, that this show proved that MT should have been allowed back into the band full-time! The Stones were fools to not let him play with them again, when he wanted back in - and this performance proves it! 99% of the great guitar sounds you are hearing here comes from MT's lead guitar playing (really for the '69 show, too). While I'll always love Ron Wood, Taylor puts him (and Keith, too) to shame on this number, period!

Now before I type out anything more on this, remember we are not rating videos here, only comparing the 2 different live performances (and again, there's no vid for the '69 performance anyway). We are simply looking for which song played at each show was played better. I know that the '69 show was and still is one of their most classic performances and is well loved - but - and really, this '13 performance of MR is right up there with it, this isn't gonna be an easy pick to make at all. BTW, don’t only pay attention to MT, as it's the entire band who we got to rate for these 2 songs, not just Taylor.

To vote on this week’s question and watch the videos, just click on this link: Stones Weekly Poll.

Looking back at the results for our Stones poll last week, the question asked: “Get Off of My Cloud” live, from 1965 Hullabaloo vs “Get Off of My Cloud” live from the 2012 Anniversary Concert performance. Which live take is better?

I must say, I was surprised at the result from this poll question. Not so much that the show from 1965 won, I went with it myself and felt it would win… but… I never expected how large the results were for that win. Talk about a major landslide, I never expected to see that, and it wasn’t just a landside, but again, a major landslide!

To see the final results from last week’s Stone poll, just click here: Stones Weekly Poll - week 1,075. Or, check out the final results at the Stones Fans Top Pick List - Page 4. Just click on "Live Shows" when you get to the page!

All right, now let’s talk about this week’s Classic Rock Poll, where we enter week 716 of the poll and as usual we will vote on 2 different Rock Poll questions. The first poll asks this: What is the worst Disco song made by a Classic, non-disco Rock band or Artist? (Part 2 of 3)

Disco does suck!

Part 2/week 2 of this question. Not a whole lot new to say whenever I talk about any Part 2 post for any multi week poll, other than there’s another 22 new songs/artists to vote on for this week and I’ll have more to say about this poll question down below when I talk about the results, since the results are actually more interesting to talk about at least for this week for this poll.

To see all of the songs listed for round 2 of this question, and to cast your vote in this week’s first Rock poll, just click here: Classic Rock Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 1” to vote on this question.

For our second Rock question of the week, we have the Rock Video Polls, and will ask this: Rate ZZ Top's Official Video for “Legs”

From ZZ Top’s “Legs” video

This song and video was released back in 1983 on ZZ Top’s Eliminator album, during a time that videos were just becoming the big thing to do in Rock music and the boys from Texas took full advantage of that fact, puting together a video for the song that was, well, full of pretty gals and their long and wonderful legs. Billy Gibbons was actually the only member of ZZ Top to play on this top 10 song.

The video was directed by Tim Newman and was one of the first ZZ Top videos to feature their soon to become very famous 1933 Ford car. The vid even had somewhat of a plot to it, but most guys never really got it or realized it had a plot, as we were all busy looking at the many nice looking girls shown in it. The video would go on to win the 1984 MTV Video Music Award for “Best Group Video”, the first time this reward was given out.

To view and rate this video, just click here: Classic Rock Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 2” to vote on this question.

Last week in our first Rock Poll, the question was: What is the worst Disco song made by a Classic, non-disco Rock band or Artist? (Part 2 of 3)

Disco Ball

Well, something that I can't ever recall happening to this degree for any other multi-week poll, took place last week. As you know, for any song to make it into the final week's round, for a 3 part poll like this one, the song has to have first landed in the Top 10 for songs voted on in whichever part it appeared in first. Then the second rule is the song has to have 5% or a higher percentage of the vote to qualify for the final round. That isn't ever an issue. But it was last week and in a very big way! Only 4 of the 22 songs/artists listed saw more than 5% of the vote (heck, the fifth place pick only had 1% of the vote!). Those four songs (My Generation [Deep Love disco remix] by The Who, Sussudio [Extended Mix], by Phil Collins, Rock and a Hard Place [hard disco version] by the Stones, and Da Ya Think I’m Sexy by Rod Stewart) made the cut - taking in a whopping 96% of all the votes cast! I like to have around 20 songs at least listed for Part 3, but at this rate, we may not have even 10 to list! This never happened before, you ask? Well, I can only recall one such final week of a multi-week poll when there was only something like 14 or 15 songs listed, but less than 10 songs? That has never happened in the past. So we're gonna need at least 6 songs to qualify from this week's Part 2 to get to that magic number, and if last week turns out like this past week, well, I'm just hoping that won't be an issue… but I will deal with it if that takes place.... But the problem here is clearly the question. We had a good enough turnout for it, but a result like this means one or 2 things. First, that the 4 songs that were picked are just flat out that bad and most fans just hate them big time (also notice that 3 of the 4 songs were remakes of hit songs that their fans loved or at least liked). Or, and I believe it's this second guess, I'll say - that Classic Rock fans like you and I, on average just hate disco so much that we don't pay attention to any disco songs - especially the ones made by non-disco bands. For myself, if there's one sub-genre in Rock music that I hate most, it's easily disco, and I can say that by half a mile. Because of this, it's the only sub-rock genre that has a lot of songs that I never heard - or at least never wanted to hear, so I don't know a lot of disco songs. My bet is, that's the case for most Classic Rock fans, too, after all, you can't vote against a song that you never heard. I did know that the Who made a disco version of "My Generation", but I never wanted to hear it and I only did hear for the first time when I put this poll together... and I can say that for several of the songs listed for both parts, and I’ll add, this was one of the few times - maybe the only time in 21 years that I put a new poll together and didn't enjoy my work when I was doing the job, since I had to listen to these terrible songs, many for the first time. I'm not surprised with the 4 that got picked, with the Who's remake song being by far their worst song ever made, bar none. But anyway, that’s my feelings as to why only 4 songs got chosen - the rest were unknown to our voters, and that doesn't spell well for the future with Part 2 up this week. Perhaps this new list will be better known to fans?... Now that I wrote all that, I thought of a third reason for some songs not getting picked, that is, that the borderline disco songs are just not looked at as disco songs by some fans - and that's why they weren't chosen. Well I count 4 such songs listed in Part 2, and that's less than what I listed last week. But I did get these songs from disco listed songs, too and after I played them they all at least do have a little bit of disco in them, even if I myself never realize they did before.

One last note, we are listing non disco bands for this poll only (of course and since this is a Classic Rock poll), with one exception, that being this week for Part 2, the Bee Gees will be listed for their first ever disco song released (You Should Be Dancing). The reason for this should be obvious, that being that the Bee Gees were once a Classic Rock group with lots of hits - who went from soft Pop/Rock to disco years after they had made it big as a decent band. So since their first song came out when they weren't a disco band - yet - they get listed for that reason.

To see the full, final results from this poll, just go here: Classic Rock Poll, week 715, Poll 1.

Last week in the Rock Video Poll we voted on this question: Rate David Bowie's Official Video for “Ashes To Ashes”

“Ashes To Ashes” video

Well, I can actually say that for the first time in 3 weeks, the featured video scored the highest rating that it could receive, that being a 10. While a very strange video, it got your attention and I myself gave it a 10, too. The cool thing about Bowie, was that he was different and strange, and many of us fans loved that about him, and yes, all that comes out in this video, for sure!

So to see the full, final results from this poll, just go here: Classic Rock Poll, week 715, Poll 2. To view the final results on the new Top 10 list page, just click here: Top Video Ratings and Standings Page.

Let’s finish up the Poll Post in the usual matter, talking about the Beatles Poll. This week we enter week 467 of polling, and we’ll continue to answer questions about how much we like or dislike the Beatles albums covers. This week’s question is: Rate the artwork for the front cover of the Beatles LP, The White Album (aka The Beatles)

The White Album (aka The Beatles) cover (Yes, there's an image there!)

So for this week, we have what pretty much was about as unusual an album front cover for any Rock band at the time, that being, there was almost nothing on the cover. But yes, there was. Released as “The Beatles” it would soon be retitled by Beatle fans as “The White Album” because the cover was solid white with ‘The Beatles” embossed on it – and nothing else at all. This was the first time fans renamed an album and the name stuck. Pretty much nobody calls this LP anything other than “The White Album”. The reason the cover was so plain and simple was that the band felt there was too much shown on their album that was released before it (Sgt Peppers) and they wanted to go totally in the opposite direction for this release. They didn’t seem to care if fans might not like it, they only cared that they were pitting out a new studio LP that was filled with great songs, and let the music do the talking for them, and it turned out that fans very much did like the cover, along with the music that was inside of it, which they loved!

So how will rate this very while album cover? To cast your vote, just click on this following link: Beatles Weekly Poll.

Last week at the Beatles poll we asked: Rate the artwork for the front cover of the Beatles U.S. LP, Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour U.S. LP album cover

Very close voting between spots 7 thru 10 and for a time last week, all of those spots stood in first place at one point. In the end, a “10” won out for the top pick by one single vote.

To see the poll’s final result, just go here: Beatles Weekly Poll – week 466. Or to see the album rating standings on the Beatles List Page, click on: Favorite Beatles Album Covers List Page.The standings can be found up on the top of the page.

So that takes care of this week’s Poll Post! I had noted last week here that I was getting a new computer and I was dreading all of the extra work that would come with it, like moving files around from one computer to the other, and well, it all turned out the way I expected it to. Most of that work is over with now, but, tonight as I went to start writing up this very Poll Post that you’re reading, when I went to open my new trial copy of Word (that came with this new computer), and which I use to write this post with each week, well, it won’t let me edit the old Word doc that I use each week and which by using saves me a bunch of time in writing this all up. The new Word on the new computer is "read only", unless you purchase it – or purchased Word in the past. I never paid for my old copy of Word which is on my now old computer, as my then editor at the newspaper that I still write for, sent me a free copy of Word back 18 years ago when I started to work for them, since they didn’t use the program I used when I sent in my news stories. I’ve been using that old edition of Word now for 18 years and now after all of this time, well, guess I’ll have to finally buy a new copy of it, since that’s still all the newspaper uses for us to send in our work – and today, it’s what I use to write up this Poll Post with. Only thing is, I didn’t know this was gonna happen, I knew there was a new trail version of Word on this new computer and figured I could use it and I had 30 days to get a new copy, since my old copy finally needs to be upgraded anyway. But the free trail of Word is read only! You can’t work in it at all since it’s locked. Gosh I hate Microsoft because of crap like this. But so goes our unfair life and guess I’ll have to act quickly now, as I got something I need to write up for the paper in the next week. Lucky I’m mainly retired from writing newspaper articles today and now only write one article a month for them. But I still need to do that work with Word.

Of course, before I close this up, those of you who know me well, know that I never let the start of Daylight Saving Time go by without me bitching about it. I still hate this stupid clock change over and I know I’m not alone. So if you dislike this stupid time change over that saves us nothing at all - like I do, please do check out the following link if you live in the U.S. and sign this petition to end this stupid spring forward BS:

As usual, I thank you for taking part in voting in our weekly polls!


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