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Name: steel wls
Subject: RE: RE: RE: We like what we like....
Date: Friday, January 11, 2019
Time: 8:36:46 AM
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RE: RE: RE: We like what we like....

I agree it was overplayed and that may have disuaded you. Its happened to me too with other groups like Guns N Roses. At first when released I was so into Mick and Keith's solo albums just released, and all that I heard constantly on the airwaves and in my friend's cars were Welocome To The Jungle, Paradise City, and Sweet Child Of Mine. All great songs in my opinion, but I was so jaded back then I didn't give it a chance. I got into GNR late, like in the mid 90's. I realized that entire album is a classic. Till this day in my top 10 and I love GNR, and those 3 songs too.

5150 released in 85 was the first VH album with Sammy Hagar. Why Can't This Be Love, Dreams, Love Walks In.

The album you're thinking of with Black And Blue was the second release with Sammy aroun 88 titled OU812.

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