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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Not impossible he'll get parole, but doubtful
Date: Saturday, January 05, 2019
Time: 3:18:50 PM
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RE: Not impossible he'll get parole, but doubtful

I am not of one mind on these things. I do feel that if experts can show that a person has improved his/her self, and that they are no danger, and if many years have passed (40 in this case), then maybe they should get out even if they have committed heinous things. This guy in his 70s now and I doubt he is any danger to anyone.

Doesn't matter how old the piece of trash is, he is still the same person who tortured and then later on kill a man for no reason at all. He's a real life devil, he was sentenced to death but got off thanks to the death penalty being struck down for a short time. After it was reinstated, for some reason they couldn't reinstate his sentence, so he got life instead, but why wasn't it life without parole? This should never be allowed to happen. The person he killed is still dead, so he should still be in prison. If you do other crimes, then yes, you should be given a second chance and released after serving your time, but not for the kind of murder this nut committed. You let him rot away for life in the hole that he put himself in by doing what he did.

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