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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: the cops here...nsc
Date: Wednesday, January 02, 2019
Time: 2:36:13 PM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: the cops here...nsc

Cops are people, like you and me, and some are good people while some aren't. But it does depend on where you live, too. When I was a teen living on LI, most of the cops there were bad people who hated teens.

But where I live today, I just don't see any of that. Of course, where I live we don't have any police at all, as they aren't needed here. What you call the local police force in my town is the county sheriff, who's only office is actually 50 miles away, as we got a very big county here. So a few years ago we had a local law written up that the county sheriff who served here - had to live here, too. That was a great law to say the least (even if it might be unconstitutional - it hasn't been tested in any courts), and it works great here. The new guy hired, at first lived just down the street from me, and his wife worked with my daughter at the only bar in town as the main bartender, and the 2 of them became friends. But everybody in town knew she was the bartender and the wife of the local sheriff deputy, and nobody had an issue with that (well most didn't). So that's our local police force, and our cop is very cool indeed.

Also, with legal marijuana here in our state, I hear that way out east on the Colorado Great Plains (where most of the state's conservatives live), they still bust people who are growing plants over the limit, or give them tickets if they have more than an ounce on them. But that doesn't happen anywhere else in the state, but yes, some places they do give out tickets if you are grown too many plants. But not here. I recall a few years back when the limit was growing no more than 100 plants at a time, our local cop told me if he found 101, or say 125 plants, he won't write up a ticket for any of that, but just tell the person to pull up the extra plants. Today that limit is a lot lower, like only 12 plants per household - unless you got a medical card, then you can grow more, or unless you get a licence to grow more for commercial reasons, then you can still have a ton of plants. But our local deputy still doesn't hand out tickets, he just makes you comply with the state law without writing you up.

So no, I can't say anything bad about our local cops.... well, cop.

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