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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: the cops here...nsc
Date: Wednesday, January 02, 2019
Time: 3:48:16 AM
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RE: RE: RE: the cops here...nsc

I would say that if they did that only on NYE, and maybe on the 4th of July, the 2 holidays of the year in the U.S. were too many drive drunk, I would be okay with that. But only on those 2 days. Drunk driving is that bad a thing and needs to be stopped. But if they did that everyday or even every weekend, yeah, that would be wrong - and illegal in most states.

I know that here in Colorado a cop must have a valid reason first to pull anybody over, but a bad cop could abuse that law and claim something BS to get away with stopping anybody. The key is are most cops good people or not? Where I live they are all cool, but I know for a fact that at least back in the mid '90s, one pure pig cop pulled me over in New Jersey, just before the GW Bridge, for no reason at all, and he harassed the hell out of me for no reason at all! Right before he did this, he drove up in the fast lane, looked into my car and saw me and my passenger, and then pulled me over for zero reasons. My crime in this pig's eyes, was that I was driving while hippie!

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