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Name: fatmo
E-Mail: Fatmo
Subject: RE: Blue wave? Yes and no (NSC)
Date: Wednesday, November 07, 2018
Time: 3:20:23 AM
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RE: Blue wave? Yes and no (NSC)

Definitely a mixed bag. House of Representative gains were really expected, but it was noticeable how his base support is still so strong in the south and mid west. Its pretty normal for a president to struggle after mid terms but on the whole this was far from a terrible result for Teump. The losses were expected and he will take heart from how his key support held up. In the Senate he can continue to pack judiciary with his men.As Keno suggests there is a pattern emerging that he could steal the next election too. Something I always thought was very possible. As for possible impeachment, the house will huff and puff but I doubt anything concrete will happen. It's the next Presidential election that will decide things. On the upside a lot of Trumps agenda will now be blocked...but we knew that would happen as it frequently does after 2 years.

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