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Name: Keno
Subject: Blue wave? Yes and no (NSC)
Date: Wednesday, November 07, 2018
Time: 2:51:15 AM
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Blue wave? Yes and no (NSC)

In politics, now that we are past the U.S. election yesterday, things turned out pretty much how they were predicted to turn out. In the U.S. House, the blue wave did hit, maybe not as hard as hoped, but Trump can now be stopped - and will be. But in the Senate, that wasn't the case at all, not that the Dems were expected to take it since they had too many seats to protect in red states, and the slim hope that they might win there - didn't happen at all.

But as a liberal, the red states in the Midwest and South really disappointed me, not that I nor anybody else should be surprised, as those places have always been conservative, but I was hopeful those areas just might have gotten smart and seen the true light with Trump, but clearly they haven't. That really scares me as to what can happen in 2 years from now when the pig runs again. He will lose the popular vote again - but he just might win the WH again, too, since as we saw 2 years ago, what most of America wants and votes for - doesn't count in this country when it comes to electing a President. I can see that crap happening again after seeing how the South and Midwest voted last night. Talk about a bunch of blind Trump sheep!

But at least the state where I live, Colorado - saw a blue tidal wave hit, and the GOP ain't "grand" here anymore (and really never has been, not for many years now). Colorado was swept by the Democrats in most races where it was expected and now controls both Houses and the governorship - again! In over 40 years of living there, my home state has only elected one Republican governor during that time, just one, and this time around, with the current governor (a Democrat) not allowed to run again, we elected an openly gay man - Jared Polis, the first time ever in the U.S. where a openly gay person has become a governor! But the thing about Polis - and most important - is that he is very liberal, indeed. People outside of Colorado would not expected a guy so liberal to be elected governor anywhere other than in California, since they don't understand just how blue our state really is, as I've been trying to point out here before. But the voters have been showing that for years here now; there's a reason we were the first state to make weed legal for all uses a few years back - but that really happened back in the '90s when medical pot first happened, as the "medical" part of it was a total joke. But it was funny tonight to see Polis, a married man and father to 2 small kids, talk about his husband and give the guy a big hug, after calling his mate - the state of Colorado - and the country's, first "first man". Well, the first 'gay first man' anyway.

But while I feel real good about my home state and also that Trump can now be blocked, I'm very much worried that the nut will lose the popular vote again - yet he will win the WH again in 2 years, too (at this rate). Voting wise, the south is still the redneck South, and the Midwest is still the conservative Midwest (well really, it's not in the west at all, why is it called that anyway?).... But I'm especially sad to see what we saw happen down in Florida (2 big losses), and even worst yet, the outcome in Texas. Just how the hell did that total asshole Cruz win in Texas? Sad indeed!... Just not where I live.

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