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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: How good was Syd Barrett? nsc
Date: Friday, November 02, 2018
Time: 1:43:03 AM
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RE: How good was Syd Barrett? nsc

IMO, overrated, and not that great. But he did get Pink Floyd going too, and his band mates loved him and helped to support him even after all the problems came about with him. Unlike most other rock bands that just kick their troubled members to the curb and let them rot away. Floyd didn't do that to him and never put him down for this problems, unlike say what Keith Richards did to the Stones founder and the man who made him famous in the first place.

But the truth of the matter with Barrett, was it wasn't the acid that did him in, it was mental illness, and such a person didn't need to be using LSD, for sure, as it only made matters worst for him. But all of this talk that it was the acid that made him that way is total hogwash, he was already crazy to begin with before he did acid. Not that I'm a fan of acid mind you, for sure not my drug of choice, tried it 2 or 3 times years ago when I was a kid, but really didn't care for tripping at all. I never understood why anybody would want to be so far out of control of their bodies, but to each their own. Some folks like to shoot junk into their arms daily, others eat foods knowing that they are poison, or smoke products that they know will damage their heart or lungs. Or like the nut on the road today who had to be driving over 100 mph in his sport car as he passed me on a road that had a speed limit of only 55 mph. One simple mistake at the wheel and he's a dead man. Of course, a person like that puts others who are innocent in danger besides themselves, and they should be stopped. But the others who do drugs, hey, it's your body, and what you put inside of it should be your business and only your business - not the government's.

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