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Name: fatmo
E-Mail: Fatmo
Subject: cessful brits on billboard after beatles
Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Time: 10:35:59 AM
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cessful brits on billboard after beatles

Yeah, sure...if solo and group work is included McCartney is way ahead and its true you cant really include both. In this case I guess I kind of slipped up because Wham maybe more than any group WAS George Michael. Andy Ridgely did nothing but twitter a bit in the background. Still the point is valid. I guess I was also a bit surprised that George Michael was SO successful . The others I kind of expected. But GM's music is terrible hogwash to me. The following is the list I used--actually going through and counting. With my eyesight I very likely miscounted. Anyway, my real point was one of surprise that George Michael had been so successful on the billboard: I had no idea he had so many number 1's.


Some interesting stuff there now largely forgotten. What about the New Vaudeville Band and Winchester Cathedral? I wou;d not have predicted that as a number 1. Nor the clarinettist Acker Bilk who spent quite a bit of time in jail before turning to music.

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