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Name: Keno
Subject: LIB & SF.. finally!
Date: Thursday, October 04, 2018
Time: 4:38:04 AM
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LIB & SF.. finally!

Early this afternoon (on Wednesday that is) I finally got around to re-rating the Stones albums again, a task which I started last February of this year and then stalled out on sometime around the end of April. I've been going in order of the LP's releases and was up to my favorite Stones albums when I stopped. I just never could get my ass into gear and restart up with re-rating them again, even if I've played both LIB and SF a few times since, but to actually sit down and only listen to each song and rate than all over again, that I just never got to do until this afternoon.

Of course this wasn't planned for today, I was suppose to start staining the rap-around deck today on my home with the grandson, but with rain in the forecast for tonight, I canceled that plan this morning since it's not suppose to have any rain falling on it within 2 days after doing that, and especially within the first 24 hours. So yes, tonight (and this morning) there's no rain falling at all.

So after I realized I would have the day off unexpectedly, I then thought to myself just want would I do instead, and well, "Monkey Man" was playing on the Hippy Radio station that I can only half pick up here at my home, and for whatever reason, it got me to thinking that, I should get back to rating that LP that this song is on - today - and so I did, along with also tackling the LP up next after LIB, SF. Yes, often enough, if I don't plan on doing something, there's the better chance it will finally get done!

So I did re-rated both of them today, and like every LP before them that I already did, these 2 albums both rated higher than the last time than I rated them. Yet how could they, they were already so high up there? Well it's funny, since the other day I noted somewhere on this board in some thread, that my ratings for both The Beatles Abbey Road and Sticky Fingers - my 2 all time favorite LPs - period, and the 2 greatest LPs ever made, IMO (of course), had pretty much the same ratings (9.8 for AR and 9.7 for SF).

When I do re-rate each song, I don't look at the old ratings at all and just play the song and see how they sound this time around and rate them (this BTW is the third time in 20 years that I've re-rated the songs for the site and more than likely the last time), and anyway, SF now has a rating of 9.9! Meanwhile LIB improved even more-so, going from 9.5 to 9.8!

Up next is of course, that double LP the Stones released in 1972, you know, that LP where they were exiled on some main street in the south of France? That one, which is your favorite Stones album, just not mine. So just how much will things improve with my new rating for that one? I don't have a clue, but there's no question I've been digging it more in the last few years, so maybe I do have a clue, but I'm not suppose think of those things before I rate any LP, so I won't. Only question is, will I get to this one in the next few days, or months? Well I was suppose to be all done with this job by summer's end and I'm still stuck in middle of the pile, so it better be a lot sooner if I what to get this done before the site's official 20 year anniversary come the first week in November. But damn, ain't it October already?! Oh well that won't be met with only a month to go then, but hey, I took care of 2 LPs today, so that's still a start!

If you want to check out my new ratings for these 2 LPs and each song on them, well you all know where to go for all that...

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