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Name: Shattered
Subject: "Gotta Get a Grip/ England Lost"
Date: Wednesday, October 03, 2018
Time: 2:55:52 PM
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"Gotta Get a Grip/ England Lost"

Last year Jagger released a solo single ---> "Gotta Get A Grip"/"England Lost" featuring Skepta. And here's "England Lost" without Skepta.

Anyone like these two songs? I really dig these two songs a lot. Still play them from time-to-time. I especially love lyrics that say something, that have meaning, and the Mickster really nailed it with these two songs.

I had read, or heard, somewhere that Keith didn't want to be involved with this single. Also, I read that Charlie and Ronnie are on it (but I'm not sure that's true) and Charlie didn't want this to be a Rolling Stones single. I tried finding documentation on these but all I found was on the Time is on Our Side website stating that Charlie & Ronnie are on it. Wish I knew for sure.

Anyway, that same website also had this:

Mick Jagger (July 2017): Putting it out there fast

I started writing these two songs in April and wanted them out straight away. Doing a whole album often takes a long time even after finishing it with all the record company preparations and global release set up. Itís always refreshing to get creative in a different fashion and I feel a slight throwback to a time when you could be a bit more free and easy by recording on the hoof and putting it out there immediately. I didnít want to wait until next year when these two tracks might lose any impact and mean nothing.

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