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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: IORR/BTB/Imagine/Baby Blue/Beatles VS poll
Date: Monday, October 01, 2018
Time: 5:12:10 AM
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RE: IORR/BTB/Imagine/Baby Blue/Beatles VS poll

BTB gets the vote for `versus‘ poll. Too luring. BTB has a sort of seducing power on me. --- At times IORR sounds — unfinished? (Didn't Keith erase some of Mick Taylor's parts?)

"Imagine" is certainly controversial, and misunderstood. And no religion too was meant for all the conflicts and fighting and wars that have gone on in human history which were attributed to some degree to religion. Imagine there's no Heaven.... I know he's saying imagine, perhaps the ”religion” line is linked to the “Heaven“ line? --- Of course there's the "possessions" thingy which tends to come up in conversations with people. Yes he was indeed quite rich, but by "possessions" he meant people who lie and steal and cheat others, even kill others, for their possessions. Because these interpretations are not clear in the song at all, it gets harshly criticized. With that said, I'll have to give this poll question more thought. 🤔

"Baby Blue" gets a TEN. Good group for sure! Damn shame what happened to them.

Finally The Beatles poll: "With The Beatles" edges out AHDN. WTB was released earlier in 1964 (in America) and damn those songs on there did to me what the seducing power of BTB would do to me later. These 2 Beatles LPs were almost a tie, but that wasn't one of the choices. 😸

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