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Name: Starbuck
Subject: C10 History from SheRat
Date: Thursday, September 13, 2018
Time: 6:15:57 AM
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C10 History from SheRat

From my dear friend and historian SheRat, who sends her best. She would have posted this, but her password has been stolen by a gruff mob of hooligans on Harleys in Eagles Tshirts from south Belfast who are now using it to post naked pictures of Moonie at


Maybe someone cut and paste it for over there....THE GODDAMN OFFICIAL C10 EXPLANATION POST

by unofficial Gasland historian, SheRat

1) Two Gasland Drunkards Post Nonsense in "Hello America, How r ya!"

2) Somewhat Sober Reflection in "A note from Cleveland"

3) "Drunken post": In Which more Drunken Posting Occurs:

4) "All's well that Ends Well": Nanker Gets Teary Eyed (ruining his Lancome Mascara)

5) Sir Stonesalot Muses: "My God! I'm Still Alive!"

6) Sir Stonesalot Waxes Loquacious: "More thoughts on the summit..."

7) More Members of the newly formed C10 Weigh in on the Summit's Impact on World Events: "C-Town And Back To Reality"

8) And finally, reflections from C10 Members Almost a Year Later: "The "C10" Thing"

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