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Name: cool cool hand
Subject: Little Red Rooster/All Down the Line/GHS/VL/more!
Date: Monday, September 03, 2018
Time: 6:25:16 AM
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Little Red Rooster/All Down the Line/GHS/VL/more!

A 10 too from me for Little Red Rooster. Interesting to see Mick looking a little more pensive than usual, and good coverage of all the band. A clear 10 too from All Down The Line, now that's rock n' roll!

I love Voodoo Lounge; Blinded By Rainbows, Out of Tear, Love is Strong and Sweethearts Together really click for me. Having said that, 100 Years Ago, Coming Down Again, Winter, Angie, and Silver Train still blow me away. No contest, GHS gets my vote.

Doctor's songs. Nearly went with Dear Doctor or Bush Doctor, but the best song there has got to be Comfortably Numb. If Sister Morphine was there as a choice that would have been my pick straight away; there's four of 5 songs that vary depending on my mood which vie for my favourite song ever and Sister Morphine is one. Now a know this a poll about Doctors Keno, and so I agree that Sister Morphine shouldn't be squeezed in there, but it does have the one magnificent line enquiring as to why he has no face!!

Help got my vote.

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