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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Little Red Rooster/All Down the Line/more!
Date: Monday, September 03, 2018
Time: 11:26:06 AM
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RE: Little Red Rooster/All Down the Line/more!

To Shattered, the 2 of us think the same when it comes to these polls and how we vote most of the time! Only difference this time is in the doctor poll, where I went with Harry Nilsson's "Coconut" song. Got to be the coolest song ever made about a gal in so much pain with a belly ache and her lazy doctor who only wants to sleep and be left alone since she's calling him in the middle of the nite.... Do you think that mixing lime and coconut together really works, Ronnie? I understand that lime helps, anyway.

To CCH, "Sister Morphine" was at first listed in the poll along with another song or 2 that I realized were very little about doctors and more so about being in pain and or sick in a hospital - which is what Part 2 of this question will cover. This really is a 3 part question, even if it don't say "Part 1" for this week. I could have worded it differently and just made it a 4 part poll, but as I already noted in the poll thread, there are totally different reasons why one needs a doctor, and getting the wording to the question just won't work if I used everything I wanted to cover. Mental illness is of cause a sickness too - but it isn't the same as being sick with the flu, so mental illness will be covered in what would be Part 3, and next week we will just look at being in a hospital - or being sick at home - and that's where "Sister Morphine" will be listed, since it's main story is about being stuck in a hospital bed when you rather be at home in bed - with your own drugs. but I mean, who would rather be in a hospital room than in your own room when not feeling well?

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