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Name: Keno
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Subject: RE: RE: Wildfires, multiple states burning (nsc)
Date: Tuesday, July 03, 2018
Time: 10:33:31 AM
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RE: RE: Wildfires, multiple states burning (nsc)

Wow, even in the UK! This is what we get thanks to global warming, which is 100% real! 40 years ago here in Colorado - hell - really just 25 years ago, this stuff rarely ever happened here, now it's a yearly thing each summer. We had almost no snow last winter and knew then that the upcoming fire season would be bad because of that, as our usual year round snowpack mountains (up high over 13,000 feet) is all gone now, so there's little water in our creeks now down here.

A brand new fire just started nearby in the mountains just to our north. Yet the crazy thing here in my home town, is the haze and smoke we get on and off isn't coming from any of the nearby blazes, since the direction of the winds are keeping the smoke from those fires away from here. Our smokey haze comes from the fires burning 2 to 4 hours west of here (near Telluride). But other than the fire burning near my kid's place, which was started accidentally by a camping tourist from Denmark, all the other ones were started by dry lighting... and dry lighting is in our forecast today. I realize anybody living in the U.S. east of the Rockies have no clue what "dry lighting" is, since it only happens in the U.S. west, but it's a dry thunderstorm with no rain falling. Nothing scares me more than dry lighting, as it starts most of our forest fires here! You can ban smoking outside, cookouts and fireworks, but you can't ban lighting from striking, Ronnie!

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