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Name: Keno
Subject: David Cassidy documentary (NSC)
Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Time: 2:25:04 AM
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David Cassidy documentary (NSC)

Did anybody else watch this special about him on A&E last night? I'm sure it will be on again if you missed it. But here was a guy who you could clearly see was in trouble in the last weeks of his life and had something clearly wrong with him, even if he didn't really have true dementia, but was suffering from memory loss nevertheless thanks to his heavy drinking. But he sure looked terrible for 67, walked like he was in his 80s, couldn't sing anymore, as that was clear as he tried, and his band seen to act like all was well with him when he was actually on his deathbed while trying to record his last few songs in the studio just days before he died. But it was noted that when he did die a few days afterwards, that his family was all around him, so they at least knew the end was near for him, even if it seems nobody in the studio seemed to know it.

But I couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy, even in his younger days he had no control over how things went for him, and his famous father was really just a dick towards him; I never liked that guy and this special just reinforced my feelings about him. He seemed to be the kind of guy that was jealous about his son's good luck, while his kid was the typical kid who needed but couldn't get his father's approval it seemed. Seems that the biggest problem for both of them was that they both were alcoholics and that was what really killed them both in the end.

I was never a fan of David's, but he did have some talent, and a ton of success early on, but he clearly didn't really ever live a happy life at all, thanks to never being to control what was going on around him.

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