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Name: Shattered
Subject: RSN/B&L/SG/DC/Train songs/Harmony winner/Punk/more
Date: Monday, June 11, 2018
Time: 5:37:59 AM
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RSN/B&L/SG/DC/Train songs/Harmony winner/Punk/more

PUNK over Classic Rock = sorry but the mere mention of CR evokes unpleasant feelings in my stomach which I attribute to the disgusting way radio has handled thus sub-genre.

Train songs = Gladys Knight & the Pips' "Friendship Train" gets the nod here. Terrific song, great message, especially for the time, and it doesn't hurt that Gladys Knight is one of the best singers of our time!

BEATLES poll = too bad a tie is not one of the choices. 😯 "Help" gets the vote. I gotta admit, the Beatles continued to come out with some amazing stuff.

1st Stones 'versus' poll = "Now" - too much luscious personal history.

2nd Stones 'versus' poll = "Some Girls" - toooo much luscious personal history.

I must have shared this story many years ago, -- well, whenever the Stones were about to release a new album, famed DJ 'the Nightbird' Alison Steele on WNEW-FM would play one side one night, the other side the next night (before the album hit the stores.)

I was stoned out of my mind this one particular night. I decided at one point to turn the radio on and tune in to WNEW-FM, and there was "Far Away Eyes". Yea! Flipside of their new single "Miss You". The station had been playing it, so no surprise there.

Then comes RESPECTABLE, which somehow the station had gotten hold of a bootleg copy of it before, and played it quite a few times. I thought THAT's what they were playing.

Still too stoned to realize Alison Steele was doing her new Stones album ritual, next comes BTMMR. Hey are these still the Stones? Is that Keith doing the lead vocal? You think it's Ronnie? But wow what an awesome song. (Keep in mind, these are brand new songs.)

Next comes the absolutely terrific BOB and it finally hit me. Alison Steele was playing side two of the new soon-to-hit-the-stores Stones album!! What great songs. BOB was do bloody awesome!!!!!!

Finally comes "Shattered". Can you imagine hearing "Shattered" for the first time ever--- stoned out of your mind?

(Earlier that day at work I had heard a couple of songs from side one.)

What a fantastic new album. And it was sooooo good for the head! 😊

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