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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Punk/Classic Rock/Alison Steele
Date: Monday, June 11, 2018
Time: 11:44:01 AM
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RE: Punk/Classic Rock/Alison Steele

PUNK over Classic Rock = sorry but the mere mention of CR evokes unpleasant feelings in my stomach which I attribute to the disgusting way radio has handled thus sub-genre.

Yes, I agree, but that's not how I voted. Bad radio programing is not the music's fault nor what the question is asking! The question asks what you prefer to hear, only. Bad radio programing should never get in your way, best thing to do is to turn off your radio and play your own music instead. If when you do that, if you listen to and enjoy playing Punk music more so than Classic Rock music, then yes, you should vote for Punk then.

Like you, in the Fabs poll, as much as I like RS, I also voted for Help!, too!

Alison Steele (aka "the NightBird") on WNEW-FM!! Yes!... those were the days indeed! She did go countrywide years later, and she even branched out to TV voice overs on different shows. But she was as good as deejaying got! I recall when she would do her all night radio shows in the late '60s and early '70s, back when FM music stations were the all new thing and pretty much turned AM radio into a non music format and all talk and news radio for the most part! She just may have been part of the reason why I became a night owl myself, thanks to this nightbird on the air all night long!

She is one of the few deejays to make it into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and Jimi Hendrix, while living in NYC was a fan of hers and wrote the song "Night Bird Flying" about her.

Yes, Alison was one of the first big time female rock deejays on the air and one of the best deejays ever, period. Cancer sadly cut short her life in the early '90s. RIP Alison Steele, at least us New Yorkers and former New Yorkers all miss ya!

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