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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Lennon & McCartney w/ no Beatles?
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Time: 3:34:41 AM
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RE: Lennon & McCartney w/ no Beatles?

If they had never met and were never in any band and only were solo artists, they were clearly too talented not to have been superstars anyway, but they would have been different as solo artists since the 2 did influence each other, and without that influence, who knows for sure how they would have developed as songwriters and as singers?

I don't think Paul would have been too different, but then the question for him was, would he had still met Linda, but no Wings? Yet Wings was really not a band - well it was, but it wasn't. It was still solo Paul, but Wings was his solo band, just like any other band that any other solo artist has. They all have a regular band, even if they are a solo act.

Lennon would had been totally different had ne never been in a band or the Beatles. The Beatles shaped him more so than Paul. He saw he had this power that came from being in the most popular band ever, and he took advantage of that and used it to help promote social change, unlike Paul. So without any of that affecting him, his music would had been different, and more than likely, no Yoko? Or would she had still been around to help change him?

But the bottom line is they both would have been famous solo artists regardless, just too much talent in them that would have emerged, they just would have turned out different, but still big anyway.

You didn't ask about the other 2, but George I think would have still been a musician, just not too well known, while Ringo would have gone nowhere, since there are just so few drummers who just had a solo career. Drummers need a band behind them, period, and with no band, Ringo would had not even been a solo artist. Perhaps he would have been a session drummer in the '60s at the most, and maybe he been on some hit records for other solo artists, but that would have been the height of his success, since again, drummers need a band.

The Stones, well we have talked about this for them before. Most Stones fans realized that had the Glimmers never met Brian Jones, there won't have ever been any Stones, period. Keith could have made it as a solo artist, but no, he wouldn't had been too big since his singing was limited. He needed a band to make it big with, and more than likely he would have found that other band, but either way, he won't had been as big without ever playing with or writing with MJ. Mick on the other hand more than likely never would have made it as a solo artist simply because even before he made it in the Stones, he always sang lead in a band, he never tried to be a solo act and he never deep down wanted to be a solo star (not until the late '60s, anyway). He wasn't planning to make his career as a singer and had plans to go into business, and had he not met Brian and Keith, that is the route he would have taken and nobody today would know who he was... well at least as a singer. He's the kind of guy who is still special and whom we still might have known in a totally different field perhaps.

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