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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Childish Gambino's causes stir
Date: Wednesday, May 09, 2018
Time: 4:59:26 AM
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RE: Childish Gambino's causes stir

I guess I don't get your drift here? That's just another rap video with violence, what am I missing, where is the Stones connection?

"Undercover of the Night" had killings in it, yes, but hell, that one actually had a minor plot to it and was voted the best Stones video ever made by us fans (and I totally agree on that!). This one by this guy with the stupid name has no real plot, but I don't really see any more killings in it than in the Stones video. It clearly isn't anywhere as good as the Stones clip, I mean, just how can you top having Keith's character shooting and killing Mick's for the ending? You can't top that!

I will agree with you that this Childish Gambino is nothing extraordinary, just another average rapper who I guess has acted some in the past, but like Manny, I can't say I ever really heard of him before. But one thing, he sure has a stupid name, but that's his business I guess.

But no, the video's title doesn't work, as that isn't America! It might be a bad part of America, yes, but it isn't what the country is about overall, either. Stealing elections by people like Trump and his making most Americans angry thanks to his stupid talk that divides us all, is more of what we have become in this country today. Most of us don't go around pointing guns at each other or kill each other. But then again, I guess on TV that happens enough, well too much, but that isn't real life, and the real smart people don't waste their time watching TV and instead get out and live a real life, and you don't see killings in most people's everyday real life, even if you are black and living in a real bad place.... Even if you live in Chicago or Detroit, where I believe most murders take place in America, it isn't a everyday thing for most people.

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